Unreal Engine acceleration

There’s no denying Unreal Engine’s status as a powerful tool for game developers, and now it’s even better with significantly faster compilations. That’s why so many known game studios such as Ninja Theory, Supermassive Games, and THE COALITION use Unreal Engine in conjunction with Incredibuild.

Incredibuild upgrades the Unreal Engine game development experience with a major speed boost, which can reduce code compilations (including shader compilations) by up to 90%.

Since the Unreal level editor needs to compile all shaders before it can launch a level (in the case of Gears of War developer, THE COALITION, this took 30 minutes each time), the benefit is clear.

Our strong partnership with Epic Games ensures Unreal users get their backs covered. Not only is Epic a long-time Incredibuild customer, but both companies routinely optimize the joint performance between Incredibuild and Unreal Engine.

Incredibuild also accelerates Unreal related 3rd part tools such as Enlighten and tasks like text compressions, rendering (Maya batch), and more.