Klocwork Customers To Enjoy From Much Faster Code Analysis Process Using IncrediBuild Technology

Winding Up Klocwork Source Code Analysis

By , October 01, 2013

Klocwork has released version 10 of its source code analysis tool, Insight. Key new features of Insight 10 include additional checker sets and taxonomies for security and compliance standards. Developers also have the ability to create their own taxonomies using the new taxonomy design feature, and apply these to projects where applicable.


 "Across the board, this release of Insight provides deeper analysis and customization features, greater ease of us,e and performance at the desktop," said Gwyn Fisher, chief technology officer, Klocwork.

 For games developers, Insight 10 boasts on-the-fly analysis support for "unity" builds, to ensure fast dependency analysis and critical build infrastructure support. In addition, tighter integration with IncrediBuild build accelerator significantly speeds up end-to-end analysis runs.


"Insight 10 now offers pre-packaged knowledge base support for popular open source libraries, Java 1.7 support, and full stack support for prevalent Android distributions," said Fisher.


NOTE: Klocwork Cahoots is the easy, fast, and social Code Review tool that is now integrated with Insight 10 as an add-on product. This integration brings project structure overviews, SCA defect reviews, and role-based security to Cahoots.


To ensure ease of use and workflow fit for developers, Insight 10 boasts an improved UI for more flexible and intuitive operation, finer-grained support for C++ templates, and a significantly reduced memory footprint for major performance increases at the developer desktop.


Refactoring support has been upgraded to support C++ 11, and includes single-click copy/paste refactoring, which invokes the desired change in all similar occurrences of the target code.


According to Klocwork , "Insight 10 provides a rich code architecture platform. Integration with leading third-party architecture products is now provided. Build analysis data is loaded directly into these architecture tools, enabling customers to visualize and optimize their overall software design, maximize code reuse, conduct detailed impact analysis, and more.


"Klocwork's On-the-Fly desktop code analysis is unique and Insight 10 reflects our ongoing commitment to effectively arm developers with the desktop tools they need to produce secure, reliable code…code they will be proud of," said Mike Laginski, CEO.