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Speed up your Yocto projects and get more iterations, broader test coverage, and better results for your builds​

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Yocto is great – unless you need things done quickly. But what if you could run your Yocto builds more than, say, once per day? We’ve got some great news for you. Incredibuild officially supports Yocto and AGL builds! Build better products thanks to faster dev cycles and more iterations per project. Cut down on your time to market and create better experiences for your customers. Even better? Do so while cutting down your on-prem and cloud costs.​


16 core AWS machines

AGL 12
Yocto 3.4

35% Cost Reduction

  • Leverage cheaper and more available machines

  • Make spot a reality with autoscale and fallback

Automation “IT Heaven”

  • Policy & patch updates

  • Handling zombie machines

  • Ups & downs

Why Incredibuild for Cloud?

  • Trusted partner – Global support coverage​

  • Proven ROI​

  • Insanely fast – based on unique grid, cache and parallelization ​

  • Cloud & hardware optimization Auto- scale & fallback

  • Broad platform support Windows and Linux​

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10X faster builds. 80% shorter cycles. 500% less frustration.

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