New Version of IncrediBuild Released for Game Acceleration and Multi-platform Development

App Developer Magazine, March 4, 2015

Written by Stuart Parkerson

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IncrediBuild, a provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, has released IncrediBuild 6.1 with enhancements for accelerating multiplatform development including support for Xbox and Playstation SDKs and additional QT acceleration.


 IncrediBuild harnesses unutilized processing power across networks, speeding the code build and other compute intensive processes as part of the overall continuous integration (CI) and application life cycle management (ALM) processes. More than 100,000 users access the process virtualization technology of the IncrediBuild platform for development acceleration.


The platform provides developers with the opportunity for intensive graphical acceleration and cross-platform development. With IncrediBuild 6.1, developers now have access to the acceleration of rendering tools, graphic processors, and multi-platform builds to promote quality and fast time-to-market. IncrediBuild eases the tasks of rapid acceleration, continuous integration and Agile development as developers don’t need to wait for their code to compile across multiple codebases and devices, further enhancing productivity and enabling rapid releases.


IncrediBuild 6.1 accelerates support for Xbox and PlayStation

IncrediBuild 6.1 accelerates support for Xbox and PlayStation Latest version of acceleration software available later this month


develop, March 4, 2015 Written by James Batchelor Read the full article

IncrediBuild has released version 6.1 of its flagship tool, which aims to help studios speed up development for multiple platforms.

Due by the end of March, Incredibuild 6.1 introduces support for the latest Xbox and PlayStation SDKs,as well as Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Preview 6.0. It also further accelerates Qt, a cross-platform application framework.

Users will now be able to build tools and rules that can be run in parallel, whereas Visual Studio runs them sequentially. There are also bug fixes and enhancements in the software’s predicted execution.

IncrediBuild is designed to accelerate cross-platform development, regardless of what platforms studios are working on.

The firm will be on hand to showcase the new point release and answer questions at GDC this week. You can find them at Booth No.738 in the main expo.

IncrediBuild Enhances Support for Game Acceleration & Multiplatform Development

IncrediBuild 6.1 accelerates support for Xbox and Playstation SDKs and additional QT acceleration


March 4, 2015 – IncrediBuild, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, today announces the availability of IncrediBuild 6.1, further accelerating multiplatform development.

The main version enhancements:


The Xbox February 2015 SDK and Sony Playstation 2.00.00 SDK Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Preview CTP 6 CUDA Compilation Acceleration – parallelization and distribution of CUDA compilation tasks Running build tools and build rules in a parallel and distributed manner Bug fixes and enhancements in predicted execution


IncrediBuild is an essential component of development for anyone requiring intensive graphical acceleration and cross-platform development. Many of the world’s top games are developed with ‘IncrediBuild Inside’ as developers use the acceleration of rendering tools, graphic processors, and multi-platform builds to ensure high quality and fast time-to-market.


The modern Visual Studio tool belt - SDTimes

The Modern Visual Studio Tool Belt


SDTimes, February 3, 2015 Written by Rob Marvin


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IncrediBuild: IncrediBuild accelerates build, compilation and development tools, shortening development time and speeding up product delivery. IncrediBuild utilizes already existing cloud or network cores, harnessing idle CPUs to parallelize tasks. IncrediBuild 6.0 supports Visual Studio 2015 Preview, accelerating Android, C# and C++ builds. IncrediBuild’s FreeDev version accelerates up to eight cores on local machines at no cost.


IncrediBuild and the Visual Studio 2015 Preview

MSDN Visual C++ Team Blog – January 9, 2015

By Eric Battalio

As a reader of this blog, you already know that Visual Studio 2015 Preview is available and has been for a few months. Many of you have downloaded the preview and tried out the many new productivity, performance, portability and cross-platform features. We appreciate your feedback (and bug reports)!

But what you might not know is that IncrediBuild, a Visual Studio Integration Partner, now supports Visual Studio 2015 and the Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. Highlights include:

"Predictive Execution" feature is now enabled by default on all Agents (relevant for VS2010 and above). Support for Visual Studio Android builds. IncrediBuild will boost Visual Studio Android builds even when building on a standalone workstation. Support for building Visual Studio Universal Projects.

For more information and links to download a free trial version, visit IncrediBuild.

If you have feedback or other questions, feel free to comment below or ping me at \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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Build-Beschleuniger IncrediBuild 6.0 unterstützt Visual Studio 2015

Heise Developer – January 8, 2015

By Richard Harris

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Build-Beschleuniger IncrediBuild 6.0 unterstützt Visual Studio 2015


Microsofts künftiges Visual Studio 2015 und daran gekoppelt die weitergehende Cross-Platform-Unterstützung stehen im Fokus der neuen Version des C++-Werkzeugs zur Build-Beschleuingung.

Xoreax, Entwickler des C++-Build-Beschleunigers IncrediBuild, hat die Version 6.0 seines Qualitätssicherungswerkzeugs veröffentlicht. Im Zentrum des neuen Releases steht die Unterstützung von Microsofts nächster Programmierumgebung Visual Studio 2015 und damit auch die Entwicklung für unterschiedliche Gerätetypen mit Betriebssystemen wie Windows, Windows Phone und Android unter der Haube.



Mit der neuen Version ist es möglich, dass Entwickler ihre Apps parallel für Windows und Windows Phone entwickeln können. Im Rahmen sogenannter Shared Projects lassen sich Dinge wie Code, Steuerelemente, Stile und Strings innerhalb zweier in Visual Studio angelegter Projekte austauschen. Im Zuge der Cross-Platform-Unterstützung sind Produktivitäts-Features wie Build-Visualisierung, eine offenbar einfachere Fehlererkennung und die Möglichkeit hinzugekommen, den Build-Output pro Projekt zu inspizieren. ( \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) 

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IncrediBuild Boosts Mobile and Cross-Platform Development Capabilities for Developers

App Developer Magazine – January 7, 2015

By Richard Harris

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When enterprises require Android compilation tasks and applications in keeping up with competition, IncrediBuild’s latest version 6.0 allows for more developer support for shared projects.


Enterprise organizations have recognized that developers are working under extreme pressures to produce products across multiple platforms, IncrediBuild raises the bar for cross-platform solutions. The release is only a taste of what is planned in 2015 to accelerate multi-and cross-platform development, Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild, had said.


To address such requirements and provide further support, the solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology released its latest version of IncrediBuild 6.0. IncrediBuild 6.0 supports Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 Preview. IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2015’s combination of continuous interoperability is possible across multiplatform development for Windows desktops and Windows and Android tablets and mobile devices, Maor stated.


IncrediBuild Tool Updated for Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Visual Studio Magazine  - January 8, 2015

By David Ramel


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Xoreax Ltd. today announced its IncrediBuild tool designed to speed up cross-platform development builds in Visual Studio has been updated to support the latest version, the Visual Studio 2015 Preview.


The Tel Aviv-based company uses process virtualization technology in its distributed computing software to take advantage of idle CPU cycles and speed up development builds by concurrently spreading the work across the network. Depending upon project complexity and available computing power, such builds can eat up much of a developer's time and lengthen development cycles.


IncrediBuild 6.0 "allows builds to execute in parallel over the entire network and in the cloud, substantially increasing performance, speeding build time and improving developer productivity," the company said in a statement. "IncrediBuild ensures Android compilations are much faster by offering parallel compilation at the project level. For example, a standard build takes more than three minutes on an eight-core machine with 100 two-second Android compilation tasks. With IncrediBuild, the same task takes 12 seconds."


The new version also adds support for shared projects, letting developers simultaneously share code, controls, styles, strings and other resources between two separate Windows and Windows Phone projects in Visual Studio. "Supporting cross-platform development, IncrediBuild offers additional productivity features such as build visualization, easy error detection, the ability to inspect build output per project, build management and replays," the company said.


IncrediBuild accelerates mobile and cross-platform development for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview - SDTimes

SDtimes  - January 7, 2015


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IncrediBuild, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, today announces the availability of IncrediBuild 6.0, which fully supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview.


Microsoft and the continuously delivered multi-platform interoperability dream - ComputerWeekly

Computer WeeklyComputer Weekly – by Adrian Bridgewater, January 7, 2015

Read here for the article in Computer Weekly’s CW Developer Network


Tel Aviv is famed for, as we know, its vibrant software application development community.


Truth be told, some of the most vibrant web-focused start-ups on site at the recent Le Web conference in Paris last December we from the Holy Land.


It's incredible, apparently


In this vein we hear news this week of the immodestly named IncrediBuild, a provider of continuous delivery acceleration technology and its new version 6.0 release which fully supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview.


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IncrediBuild Accelerates Mobile & Cross-Platform Development for Developers Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview

IncrediBuild 6.0 accelerates Android and Windows Phone development


Tel Aviv, Israel – January 7, 2015 – IncrediBuild, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, today announces the availability of IncrediBuild 6.0, which fully supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview.


Visual Studio 2015 is Microsoft’s newest version of Visual Studio, supporting cross-platform mobile development, web and cloud development, and offering IDE productivity enhancements.


IncrediBuild Accelerates Application Development for Microsoft Azure

Solution provides scalable, efficient and cost-effective development


Tel Aviv, Israel – November 11, 2014 – IncrediBuild, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, today announces the availability of IncrediBuild for Microsoft Azure. IncrediBuild for Azure is a cloud-based solution allowing IT and developers to accelerate development and testing, scaling their infrastructure by automatically adding compute resources using IncrediBuild’s acceleration technology on Azure.


NCR’s Retalix Accelerates Continuous Delivery and Testing by 90% with IncrediBuild

Proven results demonstrate IncrediBuild dramatically increases developer productivity and shortens Retalix software build cycle from hours to minutes


Tel Aviv, Israel – November 4, 2014 – Retalix, a division of NCR Retail (NYSE:NCR), accelerated its testing processes by more than 90%, rapidly speeding up software build times and increasing developer productivity, by using IncrediBuild (, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, according to a recently released IncrediBuild case study. (


“IncrediBuild enabled us to drastically reduce our release cycles from 12 minutes to less than 2 minutes, allowing us to run any number of builds per day,” said Alon Gilat, Release Manager at Retalix during an interview for the case study. “We have accelerated our continuous integration and now run software builds as often as necessary instead of only a few times per day, a game changer when it comes to our development productivity.”

IncrediBuild 5.5’s Integration with NVIDIA Nsight Tegra Achieves Major Acceleration for Android Development

IncrediBuild 5.5’s Integration with NVIDIA Nsight Tegra Achieves Major Acceleration for Android Development


Tel Aviv, Israel – September 23, 2014 –  Further accelerating the development process of creating Android applications directly within Microsoft Visual Studio, IncrediBuild 5.5 is fully supported by and compatible with NVIDIA Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition for Android.

IncrediBuild to Launch Linux & Android Acceleration Solutions

Offering the same core capabilities of IncrediBuild for Windows to Linux and Android developers


Tel Aviv, Israel – August 14th , 2014 –IncrediBuild the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, announces the launch and beta program of its new suite of offering to natively support and accelerate Linux and Android based builds and application development processes.The new offering has been designed under the same architecture and business logic of the IncrediBuild for Windows products, with a strong emphasis on all features and functionality developers so appreciate in IncrediBuild, such as ease of use, off-the-shelf deployment to Linux and Android based development groups with immediate acceleration benefits.

IncrediBuild Selected as One of the Top 10 Gaming Software Tools by Develop Magazine’s Game development industry experts

IncrediBuild's offering helps game developers dramatically reduce processing time, accelerates time to market


Tel Aviv, Israel – August 11, 2014 –IncrediBuild scored a top honor, being named as part of the top 10 of the Develop 100 game development tools.


"Developers are spoilt for choice when it comes to game-making tech," wrote Develop. "In today's market of increasingly strict deadlines, it's no wonder IncrediBuild made our top ten.” 

Paultre on Power - Eyal Maor of Incredibuild on test virtualization (Podcast)

In this podcast Eyal Maor, CEO of Incredibuild, talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design on the complexities of testing today.

New IncrediBuild Version 5.5 Adds More Acceleration Capabilities to its Visual Studio Acceleration Solution

Tel Aviv, Israel – July 20, 2014 – IncrediBuild version 5.5 makes all versions of Visual Studio faster. The larger the project, the more accelerated the performance. Meanwhile, a new IncrediBuild algorithm in beta uses predictive execution to increase the throughput of Visual Studio. IncrediBuild has also added support for Visual Studio updates 1 and 2 RC.

IncrediBuild Launches FreeDev Program, a Free Version of its Award-winning IncrediBuild

Use IncrediBuild for free without any long-term commitment or time limitations

Tel Aviv, Israel – July 20, 2014 – IncrediBuild, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, is offering a free version to provide more opportunities for developers to tap into idle CPUs on their network, letting them use existing resources to accelerate code build compilations, testing, and other development processes. This program allows developers to install, configure and start benefiting immediately from 30% development acceleration in less than 5 minutes from download to production.

Faster than a Speeding Car: Turn 10 Delivers Forza Motorsport® 600% Faster with IncrediBuild

Conversion of rendered files went from six hours to 20 minutes 


Tel Aviv, Israel – June8, 2014 – Turn 10 Studios, a division of Microsoft Studios, is using IncrediBuild to accelerate development of Forza Motorsport for the Xbox® console.


“We’re all about speed, whether we’re talking about our cars or time to market,” says Dan Tunnell  of Turn 10. “To meet our customers’ demand for intensive gaming and remain competitive, we had to speed our development as well.” 

Klocwork Customers To Enjoy From Much Faster Code Analysis Process Using IncrediBuild Technology

Winding Up Klocwork Source Code Analysis

By Adrian Bridgwater, October 01, 2013

The evolution of a developer SCA tool


Klocwork has released version 10 of its source code analysis tool, Insight. Key new features of Insight 10 include additional checker sets and taxonomies for security and compliance standards. Developers also have the ability to create their own taxonomies using the new taxonomy design feature, and apply these to projects where applicable.


 "Across the board, this release of Insight provides deeper analysis and customization features, greater ease of us,e and performance at the desktop," said Gwyn Fisher, chief technology officer, Klocwork.

Klocwork Leverages IncrediBuild Technology To Drive Dramatic Increase In Efficiency For Development Teams

Integration of InsightTM SCA and IncrediBuildTM Development Acceleration PlatformSpeeds Overall Analysis Time by up to 30x


BURLINGTON, MA, and TEL AVIV – December 17, 2013 – Klocwork® Inc., a global leader in software development tools for creating secure code, and IncrediBuild, a leading provider of development acceleration technology, announce the integration of Klocwork’s Insight Source Code Analysis (SCA) toolset with the IncrediBuild Development Acceleration Platform.  The combination of developer-facing SCA and IncrediBuild’s parallel processing generates considerable productivity increases for software teams working with long build times and complex environments.


New IncrediBuild Version 5.0 Supports Visual Studio 2013, Team Foundation Server and Windows 8.1

Tel Aviv, Israel – December 10, 2013 – IncrediBuild version 5.0 further accelerates the entire Microsoft Development environment, with support of Visual Studio 2013, Windows 8.1, MS Test, and Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The new version increases performance across all application life cycle management (ALM) and continuous integration (CI) tasks. It also accelerates all code builds done in C# and GnuMake and supports Xbox One’s latest SDKs.

IncrediBuild Accelerates Microsoft’s Team Founation Server


IncrediBuild’s Acceleration Connectivity Platform Supports Microsoft’s TFS

Tel Aviv, 12 November 2013 - IncrediBuild, the de facto standard in development acceleration, has added the ability to accelerate Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server. Using the IncrediBuild Acceleration Connectivity Platform (ACP) with TFS delivers better performance across the entire release management process.

Tools Spotlight: IncrediBuild

Writen in October 2013 edition of Develop magazine


IncrediBuild aims to provide a paradigm shift in code build acceleration. With its custom distributed computing and process virtualisation technology, the software transforms any network of PCs and servers into a virtual high-performance computer.

It takes a single process, breaks it into components, and executes them concurrently in parallel across multiple machines. The greater number of source files, the larger the improvement.

Breaking Barriers

Test Magazine - August 2013

What's the best approach for game development for multiple platforms in a single process?Sophie-Marie Odum speaks to Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild, to find out how today's technology can accelerate the entire game development process for all consiles and PCs...

Finding a simple answer to harnessing unused CPU cycles

TechRepublic  - By  in Software Engineer, October 4, 2013

Read about a software solution that can make a single, four CPU full core computer act like a 200 CPU computer. 

For everyday processing tasks, the dual core processors in laptop and desktop computers are more than sufficient. In fact, most of those machines rarely use all their processing power, which has led some to ask what else could be done with the unused CPU cycles.Early schemes employed downloadable clients that would contribute your unused CPU cycles to various causes such as AIDS research and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).Later you could contribute CPU cycles in helping to prove some of Einstein's theories, provide early detection of earthquakes, or find the God particle.As might be expected, CPU cycles on desktops and laptops are not the only ones being harnessed to solve computationally dense problems. Researchers at the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing have apps you can run on your mobile phone that will cause it to contribute its unused cycles to research as well.


IncrediBuild on turning your network into a build supercomputer

 Developer-tech - By Ryan Daws, September 25, 2013


The complexity of software is increasing; whether it is applications or games; the time it can take to “build” is rapidly on the rise – unless you utilise an innovative solution such as IncrediBuild.

DeveloperTech spoke to Eyal Maor about the solution; what makes it unique, and a bit of insight about the development industry.

Incredibuild Enters Into New Channel Sales Partnership With leading European Distributors

Driven by growing demand, IncrediBuild expands its sales channel, providing local sales and support in UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Israel. 

Tel Aviv, Israel, Aug 12th 2013 - IncrediBuild, the de facto standard in development acceleration, has selected SOS Software, Grey Matter and Software Sources as IncrediBuild’s newest official distributors.

IncrediBuild for Game Development Speeds Console Games to Market


New version accelerates entire development process by up to 30 times for Xbox, PlayStation® and Nintendo® consoles and PC games

Tel Aviv, Israel – June 23, 2013 – Gaming companies can speed development time and reduce their build time by more than 90% with IncrediBuild. The all-in-one solution is integrated with the latest versions of Visual Studio 2012 and is tuned to work with all Make and Build solutions. The unified platform allows a single build process for all consoles, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4, PS-Vita, PlayStation®3, and PlayStation®2, Nintendo Wii UTM, Nintendo 3DSTM , Nintendo Wii, among others.

Distributed Computing Resources Boost Code Building

Creamer's Media Engineering News


Accelerating the compilation of complex computer codes can be achieved using idle central processing unit (CPU) cycles on computers in a company network, enabling companies to use their internal resources more effectively, says Israeli software company IncrediBuild CEO Eyal Maor.

IncrediBuild Speeds Development of Xbox One Games

Xbox One games can get to market faster with dramatically truncated processes


Tel Aviv, Israel – May 22, 2013 – IncrediBuild’s application development acceleration solution speeds game development for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Visual Studio Magazine: Accelerate Code Builds with IncrediBuild

By Katrina Carrasco - May 13, 2013


Tel Aviv, Israel - based Xoreax Software Ltd. has released version 4.6 of IncrediBuild, its code-build-acceleration product. The new release adds support for Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 Updates 1 and 2, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo 3DS™ system.


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IncrediBuild 4.6 Code Build Acceleration Gets Games and Apps to Market Even Faster

64-bit process distribution and support for PlayStation®4, Nintendo 3DS™, Windows 8, and the latest upgrades of Visual Studio 2012 speed the entire development process


Tel Aviv, Israel – April 30, 2013 – IncrediBuild version 4.6 gets games, software applications, and mobile apps out the door faster by accelerating code builds and the entire application lifecycle management process. It has native 64-bit process distribution and supports the latest upgrades of Visual Studio (one and two) as well as Windows 8, PlayStation®4, and Nintendo 3DS™ system.

IncrediBuild Now Supports NVIDIA CUDA Compiler

Tel Aviv, Israel – April 9, 2013 – IncrediBuild, the de facto standard in code build acceleration, now supports the NVIDIA® CUDA® complier to make software code development even faster.

IncrediBuild for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation®4 Now Available

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 7th, 2013 - IncrediBuild for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation®4 Now Available

IncrediBuild now offers IncrediBuild for Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation®4, a code build acceleration solution that allows developers to get to market much faster with their new PlayStation®4 games.

2013 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award


March 14, 2013 - Xoreax is a Finalist for the 2013 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award


Xoreax announced today it has been selected as a Finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 Europe award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

Just Released: IncrediBuild 4.51 Service Pack

December 2, 2012 - New Version Announcement

We've just released the latest version of IncrediBuild 4.51, now available for download.

Grid Software Creates Virtual Windows Supercomputer

November 20, 2012 - Tiffany Trader, HPC Wire

What if you could combine the benefits of virtualization, grid and cloud computing to accelerate Windows-based applications? An Israeli company, Xoreax, is doing just that. We spoke with Xoreax at SC12 in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week to learn more about their offering.

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How to Build a Virtual Supercomputer

November 14, 2012 - David Gardner, Datacenter Acceleration

CIOs who covet a supercomputer may be sitting on one without knowing it.

An Israeli company has come up with a scheme for harnessing all those idle CPU cycles sitting in datacenters and cloud installations and combining them virtually to produce a high-performance computing (HPC) grid.

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Your Supercomputer at Home or Office

November 9, 2012 - David Shamah, Times of Israel

Xoreax's IncrediBuild-XGE lets you build a super-fast, super-efficient computer, right out of the box.

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IncrediBuild™ to speed Wii U™ game development

October 2, 2012 — Press Release

A third-party Tool Agreement between Nintendo and Xoreax Software, the developer of IncrediBuild™, offers dramatically faster build times for games developed for Nintendo's Wii U™ gaming platform.

IncrediBuild 4.5 Builds, Credibly

September 12, 2012 - Adrian Bridgwater, Dr. Dobb's

Israeli development shop Xoreax has released the 4.5 iteration of it immodestly named IncrediBuild code-build acceleration platform. New support for Visual Studio 2012 has now been included along with scalability to an "unlimited number" of processor cores.   Click to read article:

IncrediBuild v4.5 Released

September 6, 2012 - New Version Announcement

The latest version of IncrediBuild 4.5, the award-winning code-build acceleration platform, has just been released. Now with support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, IncrediBuild 4.5 offers exciting new acceleration capabilities, including performance enhancements for all Visual Studio versions and other build tools as well as scalability to an unlimited number of cores.

Accelerating high-performance computing applications using parallel computing

August 15, 2012 - Embedded Computing Design

Uri Mishol, Founder and Chairman, Xoreax

Various technologies are available for accelerating applications with high-performance computing requirements, including parallel utilization of CPUs, cores, and GPUs; cluster computing; grid computing; and public cloud computing. A new distributed computing approach called process virtualization provides rapid acceleration of these applications and helps resolve some of the conventionally challenging aspects of converting an application to a distributed architecture.

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Using cloud servers for compiling applications

July 26, 2012 - CityCloud

If you are a programmer, you are well aware of the process called “Compilation”, which basically takes the source code and converts it to an executable file or in some cases into byte code which is then interpreted by another program.

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IncrediBuild-XGE Speeds Complex Software Processing Up to 30x Faster

June 28, 2012 - Digital Manufacturing Report

IncrediBuild-XGE software accelerates time-intensive computational processes, transforming a network of PCs and servers into a private computing cloud, which can also scale out to public clouds.

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Xoreax Demos IncrediBuild-XGE, a Must Have for Development Teams

June 14, 2012 - InfoTech Spotlight

Over a decade ago, Xoreax noticed a very real problem – development teams were wasting precious hours of the day waiting for software cord builds to be completed.

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IncrediBuild-XGE Scientific Computing World

June 14, 2012 - Scientific Computing World

IncrediBuild-XGE, a software-based distributed computing solution that accelerates time-intensive computational processes such as simulation and modelling for CAD/CAM, fluid and mechanical dynamics and 3D analysis, is available from Xoreax.

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Xoreax IncrediBuild-XGE Brings HPC to the Cloud for Dramatic Time Reduction

May 25, 2012 - Green Technology World

Xoreax IncrediBuild-XGETM creates HPC in the cloud, reducing processing time from days to hours. Based on unique process virtualization technology, IncrediBuild-XGE eliminates the need to configure and maintain virtual environments on remote machines or within a tightly integrated cloud infrastructure, resulting in a robust and simple platform that requires no maintenance, no dedicated hardware, and no custom programming.

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