Incredibuild Launches Incredibuild Cloud: Unlimited Development Acceleration Potential

TEL AVIV, April 23, 2019

Incredibuild, the leading development acceleration solution provider with over 200,000 users, has announced today the release of Incredibuild Cloud, an expansion of Incredibuild’s unique distributed processing acceleration technology.

Incredibuild dramatically shortens development cycles by accelerating processes such as compilations, tests, shading, rendering, simulations, code analysis, packaging, and more. This is achieved through running these processes simultaneously across multiple machines within the local network, thereby effectively transforming every machine into a powerful virtual multi-core “super-computer” which utilizes the CPU power of machines already owned by the user.

With Incredibuild Cloud, users can seamlessly scale up and down beyond their local machine resources on-demand, when they most need it, and according to their budget. In peak times, Incredibuild Cloud harnesses the power of thousands of automatically provisioned cloud compute instances, and de-provision these resources once the workload’s execution is done. Using Incredibuild Cloud, users can accelerate any multi-process task by up to 30 times.

Gears of War developer, “The Coalition”, utilized Incredibuild Cloud to release two major high budget console games in one year. In a success story published on Microsoft’s customers websiteJoe Vogt, IT Manager at The Coalition Studio said “Incredibuild absolutely impacts our ability to iterate and move forward. We couldn’t do anything without it.”

“Our customers who are already using Incredibuild Cloud are reporting their development time has improved eightfold. Additionally, the ability to scale their development up and down, using the public cloud, in real time, allows them to optimize cloud cost and resources,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of Incredibuild Software. “The flexibility of Incredibuild Cloud will change the way companies develop software over the cloud.”

About Incredibuild Software

Incredibuild Software is the leading solution provider of software acceleration technology.

Incredibuild dramatically reduces build and testing times among other development processes. Incredibuild’s non-intrusive distributed computing tech empowers users to easily save hundreds of hours, just minutes after installing the software.

Harnessing unutilized processing power across networks, Incredibuild speeds up code builds, Continuous Integration and delivery cycles. With its unique process virtualization technology, Incredibuild has become the de facto standard solution for code-build acceleration.

More than 200,000 users at over 2,500 companies and organizations depend on Incredibuild software products to run their build on a daily basis, including twenty Fortune 100 companies.

For more information on Incredibuild Cloud, please visit Incredibuild Website