Incredibuild Launches Incredibuild10, Empowering Developers’ Productivity & Enabling them to Build at Game-Changing Speeds

Incredibuild also released a first-of-its-kind Build Cache technology which lets companies build top-quality products more efficiently in an increasingly competitive market

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 19, 2022Incredibuild, maker of the leading development acceleration platform for Developers and DevOps teams, announced today the launch of Incredibuild10, its most advanced Dev Acceleration Platform. Incredibuild10 includes a number of notable new features that empower dev teams to break out of the ‘linear development cycle’ and speed up the development process: a game-changing, patent-pending Build Cache technology allowing developers to build once and cache data to be reused by all team members; a smart and flexible enterprise license management mechanism across the entire enterprise; and code analysis acceleration tools. All enhancements were informed by real customer needs across the Gaming, Automotive, Finance, and Semiconductor industries (cloud and on-prem) in Windows and Linux environments, among others.

With Incredibuild10, teams can build better and faster with more robust resource management and greater compute flexibility and savings than ever before, boosting companies’ competitive edge by accelerating dev cycles while optimizing resources on prem and in the cloud. Early users of Incredibuild10 and Build Cache have reported a significant increase in productivity and are meeting Release KPIs more easily and faster. The platform has helped them release software on time, boost revenue, and spur adoption by users.

Incredibuild’s cloud optimization automatically spins the best mix of on-demand and spot resources up and down, enabling organizations to use smaller and more affordable machines while maintaining optimal performance. Incredibuild’s platform is trusted by major players including Epic Games, Adobe, Citibank and many others, and runs in all three leading cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Could Platform (GCP).

Incredibuild10 also enables developers to maintain quality and speed when working in a hybrid mode, optimizing developer builds and CI/CD pipelines both at home and remotely. Its unique Build Cache feature lets development teams store previous build data, drastically reducing local build times – resulting in faster development with fewer resources. Instead of having to incorporate every single change made when restarting a build from version control, Build Cache lets developers reuse outputs on later CI builds and workflows, even when working on prior versions. Its web-based Coordinator UI also offers unprecedented clarity and control from anywhere, so teams can maintain continuous integration and delivery wherever they are.

Incredibuild10’s flexible software licensing model also simplifies activation and requires minimal management across the organization. Rather than limiting licenses to a preset of existing machines (fixed), Incredibuild10 allows teams to work from any core allocated across any number of machines – resulting not only in more developer flexibility and no wasted cores, but also increased collaboration in the development process.

“At Incredibuild, we’re creating a new paradigm in development and significantly boosting productivity,” said Dana Rochman, VP Product at Incredibuild. “We know there’s no compromising when it comes to continuous integration and delivery. That’s why we’re shifting industry methodology from developer velocity to developer freedom, enabling DevOps teams to spend more of their time flexing their creative muscles.”

The launch is the latest milestone for Incredibuild, which in June announced a $35 million Series B round to continue providing innovative solutions to customers. Incredibuild is available on the AWS Marketplace, was selected as an initiative partner for Amazon’s AWS for Games, and in March, was named as a top game development tooling partner for Azure Game Development by Microsoft. Incredibuild also announced integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), completing its collaborative trifecta with the world’s leading cloud providers. Finally, the company launched support for Yocto and Automotive Grade Linux – as well as added support for Linux, Yocto, Automotive Grade Linux, QNX, and AOSP – allowing the Linux and embedded software development industry to build on-prem and in the cloud while significantly reducing build times and cutting cloud costs.