Incredibuild Now Supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10

App Developer Magazine – August 13, 2015
by Richard Harris, Associate Editor

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Incredibuild’s latest release of Incredibuild 7 now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (including Visual Studio Community) and Windows 10.

Incredibuild is a Visual Studio 2015 Sim-Ship partner and, in line with Visual Studio 2015’s increased focus on gaming, Incredibuild 7 offers the opportunity to accelerate the latest version of Unreal Engine for both compilation and baking, providing significant time reduction to Unreal Engine processing.

Incredibuild 7 includes the following new features:

  • The latest release adds acceleration to native Visual Studio 2015 projects: C++, C#, Android development (introduced in Visual Studio 2015), and universal projects.
  • Support for GTest, Google’s unit testing framework (also supports many other unit testing tools such as MSTest, VSTest, and test scripts)
  • User interface improvements, making monitoring builds easier and more comprehensive.
  • Further acceleration to Intel compiler support. The latest release brings increased build performance of Intel compiler-based solutions under Visual Studio 2010 and above by applying predictive execution to the Intel compiler.
  • Incredibuild 7 includes certification for Unreal Engine baking. In a recent benchmark, running a full rebuild of Unreal Engine locally (without Incredibuild, on 8 cores) took 50 minutes. With Incredibuild, the build time was reduced to 7.5 minutes – an 85% reduction.