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Incredibuild’s partners are a critical part of our foundation, and we’re committed to helping them provide cost-optimized, smart acceleration to their customers. Our partners include Incredibuild acceleration in their developer solutions to offer their users significant ROI.

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Maximize your margins – Our partners benefit from best-in-class margins and deal protection on new business.
Fair play – There are no tiers or barriers. Every partner gets all the support and tools they need to succeed.
Marketing – Leverage our existing marketing collaterals and work with us on events, content, and more.
Clear visibility – Follow every step of the deal registration process, start to finish.

What our partners are saying

"Together with Incredibuild, the world's leading development acceleration platform, Eden Software could help to accelerate software development for domestic enterprise code, provide excellent software development experience, and help Chinese enterprises develop Digital transformation quickly and steadily!"

Qiu Shuan
Vice GM, Eden Information Service

"We have been partnering with Incredibuild for more than one year, during the past year, we have provided Incredibuild solutions to several top game development customers in China. Incredibuild solution really brings great helps to customers in accelerating shader and build tasks. "

Xie Junfeng
General Manager, Beijing Digital Stars Software Service Co., Ltd.

"We have seen that with many of our customers, the duration of their software build greatly affects the development and testing efficiency. That’s why we teamed up with Incredibuild – their solution, combined with our expertise, brings the perfect solution and provides greater added value to our customers."

Asaf Kivity
Managing Director, DevOps Division, Matrix DevOps

"Working with Incredibuild has given us a competitive edge in the market. By leveraging their distributed computing solutions, we have been able to optimize our customer’s software development processes drastically reducing build times and enable them to deliver products faster than ever before."

Gilbert Gadet
Managing Director, Logic Technology

"A perfect partnership! Plateer is now helping its customers to launch more products faster, with Incredibuild’s top-of-the-range software acceleration software."

Sanghoon Han
President, Plateer Co.

"As one of the key IT partners in Shanghai, East-Glow has partnered with many top software vendors around the world, now we are excited to add Incredibuild to our stack of services that we provide to our customers in gaming, manufacturing, embedded and beyond."

Xie Junjie
Vice GM, Shanghai East-Glow Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

"By partnering with Incredibuild, Emdoor can introduce new acceleration tools from abroad, continuously accelerating customer product delivery from various stages of the software development lifecycle, such as compilation, testing, and game engine acceleration, bringing huge commercial value to customers."

Lawrence He
Vice GM, Shanghai Emdoor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

"By establishing a strategic partnership with Incredibuild, DragonSoft will be able to further refine and upgrade its DevSecOps solution. Incredibuild's leading technology accelerates the compilation and build process, resulting in a more efficient experience for customers. Enable developers to unlock agility across platforms, industries, and environments."

Ming He
Chairwoman, Shangai DragonSoft, Dynamic Technique Co., Ltd.

"The value of Incredibuild solution has been proved by its usage in many gaming customers. By partnering with Incredibuild, we could help more game development companies in Beijing to know about Incredibuild, and benefit from Incredibuild solution to accelerate their new games release."

Wang Jiaying
General Manager, Beijing Jingman Chuangxiang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

"In recent game development, the scale of software development is becoming larger and more complex. Under such circumstances, we are pleased to be able to contribute to solving customer issues by realizing faster builds under the game development environment on AWS through collaboration with Incredibuild."

Nobuo Takeda
General Manager, Game Solutions, Classmethod, Inc.

"We're very excited to add Incredibuild to our stack of services that we provide to our customers in gaming, manufacturing, embedded and beyond."

Tetsuya Tanaami
General Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd.

"We are confident that our partnership with Incredibuild will greatly contribute to shortening the development time, which is a problem for many automotive and embedded customers."

Takeshi Hagiwara
Division Director, Specific Industry Sales Division, Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd.

"E-Soft Technologies, Inc., as the professional embedded solution provider in Taiwan market. It is a great honor to be a partner of Incredibuild and we are looking forward to help our customers in Taiwan for a shorter time to market with Incredibuild's product."

Michael Su
CEO, E-Soft Technologies, Inc.

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