Cloud bursting on-demand

Incredibuild turbocharges compilation, tests, and many more compute-intensive workloads by seamlessly and concurrently distributing processes across idle CPUs (on-prem and in the cloud), while transparently emulating your local environment on remote machines. This radically shortens compute times - transforming each host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores and gigs of memory. At crunch time or whenever additional compute power is required, Incredibuild Cloud automatically extends your on-prem computing power into the cloud. Incredibuild Cloud seamlessly, securely, and dynamically distributes workload tasks to remote Azure or AWS virtual machines under your cloud account, which are provisioned and de-provisioned automatically according to workload needs.

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Incredibuild cloud bursting advantages

  • Dynamically resolves insufficient on-premise compute resources
  • Resolves peak-time resource deficit
  • Supports shift to OpEx
  • Multiple geolocations and remote offices can share cloud resources
  • Work from anywhere without performance degradation
  • Use spot instances or cheaper cloud instances for cost optimization


Before version releases and in other peak times, resources are in short supply. Often, developers and build servers compete for the on-premise resources that can speed compilations, tests, or asset creation. With Incredibuild Cloud, when a workload requires additional compute resources, Incredibuild simply allocates and de-allocates them according to the workload’s compute needs – guaranteeing optimized performance.


Incredibuild prioritizes available on-premise resources first, and only when necessary shifts to cloud resources – ensuring the most cost and performance-effective usage of cloud resources.

  • CASE STUDY: Microsoft Game Studio, THE COALITION, was able to release two games in a single year by scaling to 700 additional cloud cores with Incredibuild – optimizing code builds and shader compilation.

At home

When working from home, users are frequently bound to their home machine, which can massively slow builds. Alternately, they can access on-premises resources via VPN, which often overloads office VPN, further slows build times, and negatively impacts other company network needs.


Incredibuild Cloud allows users working from home to seamlessly scale their computing resources from local to the cloud – on-demand. The resources Incredibuild provisions in the cloud are sharable among teams – making resources available for all and raising cost-efficiency.


With Incredibuild Cloud, work-from-home developers enjoy optimized performance and dynamic scalability to cloud resources – cost-effectively and without burdening the office VPN or network.


CASE STUDY – AAA game developer, Proletariat, guaranteed employee productivity and satisfaction while working from home by dynamically scaling to AWS resources.

Super secure, super productive

Incredibuild dynamically allocates AWS and Azure resources from each user’s account, delivering many security and management benefits:


  • Only approved users have access to cloud resources, as they are allocated under their account
  • Any security measures users have applied to their cloud account will also be applied to Incredibuild-allocated resources
  • Users can easily manage the cloud environment, limiting budget/access rights, generating reports, applying cloud vendor discounts, and more

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