Live Webinar

Static Code Analysis – Is It Really Worth It?

Dev advocates Phil Nash (SonarSource) and Amir Kirsh (Incredibuild) sit down for an in-depth discussion about static code analysis – importance, best practices, and future.

Save Your Spot

Code quality issues first appeared… Well, when the first software was written.

But in today’s software-first economy, they can cause more than just bugs and crashes.

It can determine the future of your company. No matter where your team is in the code analysis journey, it’s all about the processes you implement.

During this 1-on-1 session, we will discuss:

  1. The perfect open-source & commercial mixture for SCA tools
  2. Integrating static analysis tools into DevOps processes
  3. Cloud-based SCA tools – pros and cons
  4. The role of machine learning and AI in SCA
  5. Where SCA and security testing meet


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    Phil Nash
    Developer Advocate
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    Amir Kirsh
    Developer Advocate