Incredibuild for Embedded Software

Get back development time and create better, lighter, SoC and device drivers, firmware, and software – on-prem and in the cloud without changing your code or tools.

  • Build faster, better performing
    embedded software

    Gain time with our advanced distribution and caching technologies to iterate more on microcontrollers, DSPs, and IoT device software; problem-solve more effectively and reach milestones on time.

  • Lower costs and
    optimize spending

    Whether you're working with Edge computing platforms or integrating device functionalities, Incredibuild lets you utilize compute power more efficiently, optimize your infrastructure and seamlessly shift to more cost-efficient solutions on prem and on the cloud.

  • Start accelerating
    your builds easily

    Incredibuild seamlessly integrates with your existing development environment and tools, maintaining your embedded level security while offering enterprise-level support.

Speed up your embedded builds

Embedded software development demands mastery of low-level languages because of their efficiency, speed, direct hardware control, and resource optimization capabilities. Incredibuild empowers embedded software teams to iterate more frequently and focus on innovation, code quality, and security.

Real-time visibility

Gain full visibility into every part of your builds with our real-time Build Monitor. Track and analyze build performance, identify bottlenecks, and solve issues before they become crises.

Seamless integration

No complicated installations, no long deployments. Incredibuild seamlessly fits into your existing development environment with no changes to your code, processes, or toolchains.

Compliance-ready acceleration

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, working hybrid, or fully on the cloud, Incredibuild’s cloud solutions let you optimize your costs, work faster, and allocate your resources where they need to be, any time.

Incredibuild supports

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  • Make
  • CMake
  • MSBuild
  • Yocto
  • Ninja
  • Scons
  • Make
  • CMake
  • MSBuild
  • Yocto
  • Ninja
  • Scons


How can Incredibuild help reduce embedded development costs?

Incredibuild optimizes resource allocation in embedded development, shortening the overall development process. This efficiency can lead to significant cost savings on resources and infrastructure. By enabling faster iterations and more effective bug resolution, Incredibuild also reduces costs associated with post-release fixes.

How does Incredibuild ensure security in embedded software development?

Incredibuild seamlessly integrates with your existing development tools and workflows, maintaining your codebase’s security and stability, supporting embedded security protocols without altering your code or artifacts. It ensures your continued keeping with industry standards, vital for secure boot and OTA updates, and via our enterprise-level support, we support your embedded systems’ security reaction time.

How does Incredibuild integrate with my existing technology stack?

Designed for effortless compatibility, Incredibuild works seamlessly with your current tools and codebase, using the same scripts and toolchain as your build files for a smooth transition. The setup process is straightforward, enabling quick onboarding.

What kind of support does Incredibuild provide?

Incredibuild offers dedicated, enterprise-level support, including implementation help, training, and continuous technical assistance. This ensures your embedded projects, from sensor fusion to autonomous systems, remain optimized and ahead of the curve, with a focus on enhancing real-time performance and embedded software testing efficacy.