Incredibuild’s (incredible) technology

Incredibuild turbocharges compilation, tests, and tons of other compute-intensive workloads by seamlessly and concurrently distributing processes across idle CPUs in your local network or the cloud. Our technology transforms each compute host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores and gigs of memory – radically shortening compute times for a huge scope of applications. But how does it work?

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Under the hood: Virtualized Distributed Processing™

The backbone of Incredibuild is what we call Virtualized Distributed Processing™. The principle is simple: when a workload that consists of multiple, concurrent processes is executed with Incredibuild, we automatically and dynamically distribute the processes across idle CPUs in remote machines across your network or cloud.

Why Incredibuild?

  • Smart

    In companies with hundreds of machines, the aggregated number of idle CPUs at any given moment can be in the thousands. These are unused cores that Incredibuild uses to turbocharge time-consuming workloads in desperate need of computing power. Incredibuild can use idle CPUs on your private or public cloud and even in machines on which people are working. Our technology works in the background, without interfering with their work.

  • Secure

    Incredibuild runs remote processes in a secured sandbox. Everything the process needs to run properly is dynamically emulated by Incredibuild from the local host to the remote machine. Any output generated by the process—std output, errors, return codes, or files generated—is automatically synced back to the local host, as though the process was executed locally.

  • Low maintenance

    The effort required to maintain Incredibuild is near zero. There's no need for VM image banks or copying files, scripts, or toolchains to remote machines. You can even work with different flavors of operating system. Incredibuild technology does the work for you, seamlessly.

  • Low footprint

    Nothing gets installed on the remote machines except a lightweight Incredibuild agent. This means that when you accelerate Visual Studio compilations, you don't need to install Visual Studio, its toolchain, or your source code on remote machines. This lowers licensing costs, and Incredibuild minimizes the footprint on remote machines. It also eliminates IT maintenance work, allowing seamless scaling to additional on-prem or cloud resources. This guarantees seamless continuity of service when users upgrade or change toolchains or workloads.

  • Flexible

    Incredibuild is acceleration-agnostic. This means that you can use the same Incredibuild environment to accelerate many different types of compute-intensive workloads. This extends the value of your Incredibuild deployment and accommodates future growth.

Want to learn more? Read our in-depth tech overview