More tests = better product, it’s as simple as that

IncrediBuild for Unit Tests accelerates the unit testing process by harnessing idle CPU cores across machines on your local or cloud-based network, allowing you to find bugs earlier in the Dev Cycle. This change in process will ensure that your product will be tested faster and in turn, improve your time to market and product quality.
Why IncrediBuild for Unit Tests is a game changer

–           IncrediBuild for Unit Testing offers a zero-configuration approach, which allows the user to maximize their time and effort and reinvest it in more testing and better time utilization for everyone involved.

–          No dedicated machines or complicated installation, enabling the user to run more tests on each CI process and hence improve the product quality.

–          IncrediBuild for Unit Test supports the majority of Unit Test frameworks including:

  • NUnit
  • MSTest / VSTest
  • XUnit
  • Google Test (Gtest)
  • CppUTest
  • QTtest
    And more.

Retalix crushed their Unit Tests execution time from 2 hours to 12 minutes! Learn how

  • “Developers and testers feel the difference and can work more productively”

    Anton Sosnin, Software Engineer,

Top 3 Benefits of using IncrediBuild

More Tests, Less Regrets

Get all the extra time you need for tests and reach your dream product.

Test before you commit

IncrediBuild empowers developers to avoid unnecessary build breaking bugs by testing before they commit.

Accelerate a multitude of tests

Whether you want to speed up custom API tests, unit tests, sanity tests, stress tests or more, IncrediBuild can handle it.

Reduce Test Cycle Time By 90%

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