More tests = better product, it’s as simple as that

Every day, our clients are using IncrediBuild to speed up a variety of tests and make sure without a doubt their product is solid. IncrediBuild hacks the regular testing process by letting developers test before they commit to the continuous integration server side.
IncrediBuild has proven to be a game-changer for the following tests:

–          API and integration tests: Don’t shy away from quickly testing your API against servers and other factors your API comes in contact with.

–          Unit tests: Easily perform thousands of unit tests with custom or commercial tools like MSTest, VSTest, Google test or CPPtest.

–          Sanity tests: Stay sane while running rigorous yet fast sanity tests on your code with various parameters.

–          Stress tests: Forget about the hassle of IT managers setting up dozens of VM’s, making sure they’re synced to simulate massive usage.  With IncrediBuild, each developer can use a simple batch script to run hundreds of processes on your network on different operating systems.

–          And more.

How to accelerate unit testing with MSTest and IncrediBuild

Discover the benefit of parallel execution over a sequential one and learn how to easily accelerate your unit testing process.

  • “Developers and testers feel the difference and can work more productively”

    Anton Sosnin, ,

Top 3 Benefits of using IncrediBuild

More Tests, Less Regrets

Get all the extra time you need for tests and reach your dream product.

Test before you commit:

IncrediBuild empowers developers to avoid unnecessary build breaking bugs by testing before they commit.

Accelerate a multitude of tests:

Whether you want to speed up custom API tests, unit tests, sanity tests, stress tests or more, IncrediBuild can handle it.


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