Insanely faster Unreal Engine

There’s no denying Unreal Engine’s is a leading platform for game development, Incredibuild makes Unreal Engine even better with dramatically faster code builds and shader compilations. Incredibuild has a seamless integration with Unreal Engine Editor and Visual Studio. For indie studios, AAA game empires, and everything in between – Incredibuild instantly accelerates Unreal Engine code builds (whether directly from Visual Studio or as part of the CI/CD builds) and shader compilations (Unreal Engine Editor) by up to 30x. Out-of-the-box ready to turbocharge PC, mobile, VR and console games.

Incredibuild lets you develop and compile a multiplatform game using your code, your processes, and your tools (without modification) and do so seamlessly and mind-blowingly faster.

That’s why so many known game studios such as Ninja Theory, Supermassive Games, and THE COALITION use Unreal Engine in conjunction with Incredibuild. Ninja Theory, use Incredibuild for UE4 acceleration, slashing Unreal Engine build time by 90% from 56 minutes to 8 minutes. Supermassive Games easily integrated Incredibuild into their UE4 development, ripping amazing results in UE4 acceleration: code and shader compilation now take 10 minutes instead of 40 minutes! The Coalition used to wait 30 minutes for UE4 editor to compile all shaders in order to open a level. They were in need for UE4 acceleration in order to accelerate the shader compilation times. Incredibuild came to the rescue and offered UE4 acceleration to dramatically cut shader compilation time, transforming level load times and minimizing wait time. Since the Unreal level editor needs to compile all shaders before it can launch a level (in the case of Gears of War developer, THE COALITION, this took 30 minutes each time), the benefit is clear.

How do I use Incredibuild for UE4 acceleration? UE4 acceleration is quite simple. In fact, if you have Incredibuild installed and set up on your host, Unreal Engine will automatically use Incredibuild for code builds and shader compilations, allowing you to develop at the speed of light!

Beyond Unreal Engine code compilations and shaders compilations: You can use Incredibuild deployment to accelerate many different aspects of your game development (rendering, asset creation, image conversion, lightmap baking and more).

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