Vizendo’s 4 developers prove they can make a change by turning 15 daily hours into 90 minutes with IncrediBuild, save over 300 monthly hours

About Vizendo:

Vizendo is the world’s leading provider of virtual training solutions for the car manufacturing industry.

The company has helped several automotive giants train their assembly operators.

As Vizendo’s Olof Bjarnason puts it: “We develop a high-performance memory-intensive 3D application used by car assembly workers to do virtual training.”

The challenge:

According to Bjarnason, full rebuilds of the C++ system may take as much as 15 hours, if you add up the number of daily builds, developers and build time.

How IncrediBuild crunched it:

Vizendo’s four developers use IncrediBuild to turn their personal workstations into a super-computer which lets them compile 20X faster than they could on their own. “We are 4 developers with generally 4 core + hyper-threading machines, with one exception where hyper-threading is not available. That gives us as total of 8+8+8+4 = 28 cores working together with Incredibuild.” says Bjarnason.

The Bottom line:

Before IncrediBuild With IncrediBuild
Daily Build Time 15 Hours 45 minutes
Single Build Time 30 minutes 1.30 minutes