Brands with Incredibuild deliver better products, radically faster

Time to build, time to release, and frequency of updates are not just processes and cost savings. This is your competitive advantage.

New product releases were once quarterly events. Now they happen daily—for some companies hourly. Users expect new products, improvements, and fixes to satisfy their needs - before a more responsive alternative lures them away. Most Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 2000 because they couldn't keep up with faster-moving newcomers.

Tami Mazel Shachar, Incredibuild’s CEO

Our customers deliver better products, radically faster 200,000 users at over 2,000 companies

including world leading brands like Microsoft, Amazon, Citibank, Adobe, Disney, Intel, EPIC Games, Nintendo, and many more rely on Incredibuild to turbocharge their development and continuously delight their customers.

Meet the management team behind the magic

  • Tami Mazel Shachar

    Tami Mazel Shachar


    20+ years of experience turning opportunities into great companies

  • Dori Exterman

    Dori Exterman


    Chief visionary, rainmaker, and source of all answers

  • Ayelet Hammar

    Ayelet Hammar

    VP HR

    People magnet and organization optimizer

  • Merav Honisch

    Merav Honisch

    VP Finance

    Financial strategy, control, and growth captain

  • Shai Levi

    Shai Levi

    VP R&D

    Soothsayer and master of execution

  • Galia Nedvedovich

    Galia Nedvedovich

    VP Marketing

    Dream catcher and creator

  • Zvi Piritz

    Zvi Piritz

    VP Sales

    Win-win chef

  • Dana Rochman

    Dana Rochman

    VP Product

    Experience sorcerer

We believe in:

  • Innovation
    in everything we do

  • Integrity
    and transparency in all encounters

  • Exceeding

  • Yes!
    There’s always a solution

  • Speed
    Get to the best—fast

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