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Incredibuild turbocharges compilation, tests, and other compute-intensive workloads beyond development. The magic happens by seamlessly and concurrently distributing processes across idle CPUs in your local network or the cloud, while transparently emulating your local environment on remote machines. Basically, our tech transforms each compute host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores and gigs of memory. The end-result: Radically shorter compute times for almost any workload.

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  • For Windows

    We’ve got your complete environment covered, with out-of-the-box support for the range of tools you use in your dev process, including compilers and build systems.

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  • For Linux

    Supporting multiple flavors of Linux and awesome for heterogeneous OS environments. With Incredibuild, workloads initiated in one OS can be distributed to hosts running a different OS.

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  • On-prem

    Use on-prem idle CPU cycles on machines you already have, instead of purchasing heaps of hardware. Good for the budget, great for the environment, and you can burst to the cloud at crunch time.

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  • In the cloud

    You need cloud-computing capacity when you need it. But maintaining it when you don’t carries a hefty price tag. Incredibuild delivers the cloud-compute capacity you need - only when you need it.

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  • At home

    Slow home machines and VPN connections can massively slow builds. Incredibuild lets users working from home seamlessly scale computing resources from local to cloud, on-demand…

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