Incredibuild Acceleration Platform

We deliver powerful distributed processing and unique build caching acceleration for C++ code compilation and analysis.

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Dev Power to the Nth Degree

Get far faster dev cycles and far greater iteration frequency – raising product quality, time-to-market and customer satisfaction, while lowering costs dramatically on-prem and in the cloud.

  • Increased developer

  • Faster TTM and TTI
    (Time to Innovate)

  • Shift left and build
    per commit 

  • Faster issue

Industry-1st hybrid acceleration platform for development processes

Cache what you can, distribute what you can’t

Virtualized Distributed Processing

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Distribute processes across idle CPUs in remote machines across your network or cloud

Build Cache

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Reuse cached outputs from previous builds when input is unchanged

The Incredibuild Grid

To create the Incredibuild Grid we allocate a pool of needed capacity for
the process: on-prem, on cloud, or burst when needed

On-prem machines and build farms

Harvest unutilized on-premises compute power

Cloud on-demand and spot instances 

Dynamically and optimally allocate/ de-allocate the best mix of spot or on-demand cloud instances

Get the right power, at the right time for the right price

Dev acceleration

Dev Acceleration

CI acceleration

CI/CD Acceleration

Cloud optimization

Cloud Optimization

To streamline cloud-based development, Incredibuild makes spot a reality and lowers costs by up to 30%. We spin the right mix of instances up or down dynamically according to core availability and your real-time workload demands. Our “auto fallback” feature ensures that no attempts fail, even across different machine types and availability zones. And, our advanced automation lowers the burden on IT with auto policy and patch and auto zombie machine management.

30% Cost Reduction

  • Leverage cheaper and more available machines

  • Make spot a reality with Autoscale and Fallback

Automation “IT Heaven”

  • Policy and patch updates

  • Handling zombie machines

  • Ups and downs

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Incredibuild supports…

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Why Incredibuild?

  • Smart

    Using idle CPUs and optimized cloud instances to turbocharge time consuming workloads.

  • Secure

    Running remote processes in a secure sandbox, dynamically emulating everything that the process needs to run properly.

  • Low Maintenance

    Almost zero-maintenance – no VM image banks, no IDE installation, no copying files, scripts or tool chains.

  • Low Footprint

    Nothing gets installed on the remote machines except a lightweight Incredibuild agent.

  • Flexible

    Workload-agnostic – the same agents accelerate different types of compute-intensive workloads.

Don’t worry,
you won’t feel a thing

  • So seamless you may
    forget it’s there

    Smartly harvest unutilized compute power in your network without slowing down a single workstation

  • Stability in a world
    of moving parts

    We certify our solution in your everchanging ecosystem, and provide enterprise-grade support for your specific environment.

  • Visibility across
    the grid

    Find who broke the build earlier with clear visibility and insights.

10X faster builds. 80% shorter cycles. 500% less frustration.

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