Incredibuild’s Build Monitor

Build insights and optimization made clear

  • Visualize your builds
    in real-time

    Transition from traditional text logs to
a 360 graphical UI that offers an intuitive understanding of your build processes.

  • Leverage real-time

    Leverage real-time feedback on task progress to identify bottlenecks, solve issues faster, and gain greater code and build insights.

  • Optimize infrastructure

    Tailor your Build Monitor views to understand how your infrastructure impacts your builds and optimize your performance.

Visualize your builds in real-time

You don’t need to wait for builds to finish or fail. With Incredibuild, you can visualize your builds in real-time and constantly fine-tune your dev processes.

Spot everything from dependencies to bottlenecks to optimize code structures and build processes and accelerate builds even further with greater precision. 


Graphical UI

Replace your old text output with a color-coded, intuitive graphic interface. Each task tells its own story, from local to distributed tasks.

Instant task
status reports

Receive immediate feedback on each task's status, ensuring you're always informed and can act swiftly.

System graphs

Real-time, customizable performance indicators chart vital metrics like memory usage, CPU load, and more.

Multiple display types

Switch between various display types like Progress Display, Output Display, and Projects Display for a comprehensive view.


What makes the Graphical UI different from traditional build logs?

The Graphical UI provides a color-coded, visual representation of your build processes, making it easier to understand and manage compared to text-based logs.

How real-time is the "instant task status report"?

The task status report is updated in real-time, ensuring you receive immediate feedback as tasks progress or encounter issues.

Can I customize what metrics are shown in the System Graphs?

Yes, the System Graphs are customizable, allowing you to monitor and track the metrics most relevant to your build’s performance.

Is there any additional cost for using the Build Monitor with my Incredibuild subscription?

No, the Build Monitor is included with Incredibuild on any platform at no additional cost.