Turbocharge development

Scale to the Cloud with GCP

Incredibuild turbocharges development by allowing you to
seamlessly scale up to the cloud and use unlimited development
acceleration potential in Google Cloud, to reduce builds, tests,
code analysis, CI pipelines, and other task times.

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  • Accelerate builds

    8X faster builds.

  • Accelerate CI

    80% shorter release cycles.

  • Optimize costs

    Only pay for the capacity you need. Using Google Cloud Spot VM Instances reduces costs by 70% compared to reserved instances.

  • Google Cloud and Incredibuild scale up and down instantly to ensure optimal acceleration for your tasks.

Scale to the cloud with
GCP and Incredibuild

Game development on the cloud

  • As code-bases get bigger, build times get longer with more CPU-intensive tasks.
  • More complicated games create more components that have to be integrated into the development workflow creating new bottlenecks.
  • Bigger and more complicated games cost more to develop. Developer time is the single biggest line item in a development budget - Idle developer time is costly.

Work from home

  • The current transition to remote work environments limits access to on-prem hardware. VPN speeds and network saturation create development bottlenecks.

Scale to the cloud during crunch times.

  • Scaling to the cloud, when you need it.
  • You may not need a 64-core machine for every build.
  • But, when it’s crunch time or when performance is of the essence - that capacity is a must-have.
  • Incredibuild turbocharges cloud-based compilation and tests by seamlessly and concurrently allocating and de-allocating cloud resources (on-demand and according to your needs), while transparently emulating your local environment on remote machines.

Key benefits of using
Incredibuild with Google Cloud

  • Faster time to market

    Time to market is critical. Time spent waiting for builds is time that could be reallocated to testing and iterating.

  • Optimizing development costs

    Developer time is the single biggest line item in a development budget – Idle developer time is costly.

  • Connect your development toolchain to the cloud, keep working locally

    Incredibuild natively plugs into most development tools, allow scaling up heavy workloads to the cloud with zero manual intervention.

  • Scale up or down on the go

    Scale-up during peak times and then revert to your local infrastructure once the pressure is off.
    No strings attached.

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  • Flexible deployment

    Real-time, up-and-down scalability empowers you to allocate resources for any period, and just that.

  • Spot support

    harness Google Cloud Spot VM instances for every build and CI pipeline task, automatically.

  • Easy Migration

    Incredibuild natively connects your toolchain to Google Cloud, with virtually zero impact to your existing processes, tools, and code.

  • Documentation

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