Virtualized Distributed Processing

The principle behind Virtualized Distributed Processing is simple: when a workload that consists of multiple concurrent processes is executed with Incredibuild, we automatically and dynamically distribute the processes across idle CPUs in remote machines throughout your network or cloud. At the same time, we also transparently emulate your local environment on these remote machines – without installing anything on them. This way, we turn every host in your network into a supercomputer.

Virtualized Distributed Processing can even use idle CPUs on remote machines while users are working on them – operating in the background without interfering with work. In organizations that have hundreds of machines, the aggregated number of idle CPUs at any given moment can easily be in the thousands. These are wasted cores that Incredibuild recaptures to accelerate time-consuming workloads in need of computing power.

Incredibuild runs processes on remote machines in a secure sandbox. Everything each process requires to run properly is dynamically emulated by Incredibuild from the local host to the remote machine. Any output generated by the process – std output, errors, return codes, files generated, etc. – is automatically synched back to the local host, as if the process had been executed locally.

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