Incredibuild’s Smart Compatibility Layer

Fast builds in the cloud, at a fraction of the cost.
The Smart Compatibility Layer cuts your cloud compute costs by 40% to 70%
by automating your Windows workloads to run on Linux VMs.

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Dramatically reduce the cost of builds in the cloud

Windows VMs are expensive. The Smart Compatibility Layer slashes your cloud bill costs with Incredibuild’s Smart Compatibility Layer when you include it in Incredibuild for Cloud.

Automatic and easy

No need for configurations or tedious integration setups to run your Windows workloads on Linux VMs. The Smart Compatibility layer does it automatically, giving you better resource usage and cost-efficient builds.

Incredibuild for Cloud with Smart Compatibility Layer

Seamlessly runs your Windows workloads on Linux VMs while accelerating in the cloud

How Incredibuild for Cloud Works

Automatically coordinate workload caching and distribution across limitlessly scalable cloud computational resources. It optimizes performance and cost, and automatically manages Virtual Machines (VMs) based on your build’s ongoing needs – automatically scaling up and down for you so nothing is over-provisioned or under-provisioned.

With Smart Compatibility Layer

Automatically virtualizes Windows workloads on less expensive Linux VMs. Integrated seamlessly across all helper agents, it requires no manual intervention or changes to code, significantly reducing cloud costs and optimizing build times with one simple setting.

Reduce costs at the flick of a switch

Incredibuild’s Smart Compatibility Layer reduces cloud costs while enhancing build speeds by automatically and reliably integrating Linux instances for Windows workloads. This pivotal tool is part of our commitment to driving down expenses while optimizing cloud performance.

Cost comparison:
On-demand Windows vs. Spot Linux

See the significant cost savings when switching from on-demand Windows to spot Linux with Incredibuild's Smart Compatibility Layer.

  • Machine Type
  • Instance Type
  • Est. Hourly Cost
  • Est. Savings
  • Machine Typec5.4xlarge
  • Instance TypeOn-Demand Windows
  • Est. Hourly Cost$1.416
  • Est. Savings-
  • Machine Typec5.4xlarge
  • Instance TypeSpot Linux with Smart Compatibility Layer
  • Est. Hourly Cost$0.23
  • Est. Savings84% reduction

From speed to fractions of cost

Example with Unreal Engine 5.1

  • Number of VMs
  • Number of Cores
  • Time to Build
  • Cloud cost
  • Savings
  • Cost Savings
Windows Build

Traditional build process with baseline performance

  • Number of VMs1
  • Number of Cores16
  • Time to Build~120 min
  • Cloud cost-
  • Savings-
  • Cost Savings-
for Cloud

Faster builds leveraging
cloud optimization

  • Number of VMs11
  • Number of Cores176
  • Time to Build~ 7 min
  • Cloud cost$1.87
  • Savings%94
  • Cost Savings-
Incredibuild with
Compatibility Layer

Peak efficiency with Windows workloads virtualized on Linux

  • Number of VMs11
  • Number of Cores176
  • Time to Build~8 min
  • Cloud cost$0.82
  • Savings%93
  • Cost Savings44% over windows VMS
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How can I significantly reduce my cloud costs with Incredibuild? Open-source Linux machines are typically priced at a 50% discount compared to Windows machines, which include Microsoft licensing fees. Additionally, Incredibuild's spot orchestration leverages spot machines that are generally 30% cheaper than On-Demand instances. This combination results in an overall cost reduction of up to 85%. Furthermore, Incredibuild’s caching solution can further reduce compute time, leading to even more savings.
Can I run other workloads besides builds using the Smart Compatibility Layer (SCL)? Absolutely. While SCL is optimized for build processes, it can also facilitate the running of various other Windows-based workloads on Linux environments, expanding its utility beyond just build operations.
Do I need to adjust any of my tools, code, or processes to use the Smart Compatibility Layer? No adjustments are necessary. The Smart Compatibility Layer is designed to work seamlessly with your existing setup, requiring no changes to your tools, code, or processes.
How can I test the Smart Compatibility Layer? Get your free trial to experience firsthand how the Smart Compatibility Layer can transform your build processes. It's the best way to see the benefits in your own environment.
Is the Smart Compatibility Layer based on WINE? Yes, the Smart Compatibility Layer utilizes WINE as its foundational layer. However, it significantly extends and customizes WINE to integrate seamlessly with Incredibuild's parallelization, caching, and distribution technologies. This unique combination ensures a robust and efficient environment for accelerating Windows workloads on Linux systems.