Your Cloud Environment
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Do more with your cloud assets with seamless orchestration, greater control over your cloud spend, and the ability to power your team and accelerate your development from anywhere, at any time.

It’s time to remove cloud bottlenecks

  • Teams are facing longer compute and fewer iterations with shorter deadlines

  • Existing mechanisms to manage cloud capacity are always “close-enough” but never perfect

  • IT teams waste resources managing instances and spot recovery

Build faster, scale smarter, and optimize your costs from anywhere

  • Optimize your cloud

    Compute power automatically fitted
 in to your custom needs.

  • Managed instances

    Spin instances up and down automatically deploy instances with down-to-the minute and down-to-the core management.

  • Spot orchestration

    Your spot instances are managed and orchestrated end-to-end, from dynamic sizing and allocation to cache provisioning and termination handling - all geared to lower your cloud bill.

  • Work from anywhere

    Allocate the right number of cores and power to your dev team at the office, from home, or on the go - No more waiting until the next time you’re at HQ to complete a build.

  • Build faster with Build Cache

    Eliminate traffic to cloud and CPU usage for the majority of your workloads with a powerful caching mechanism that lets you reuse previous build outputs.

  • Build more, pay less on cloud

    leverage the cores you need at exactly the right time and lower your costs with better resource visibility.

Incredibuild helps at every step of your cloud journey

Incredibuild makes your cloud migration – and continued use – much easier and faster. Our platform lets your on-prem dev tools work like cloud-native apps in hours, whether your work purely on the cloud or in a hybrid model. This way you maximize every resource you own.

Thinking about the Cloud

Accelerate your computing and start your digital transformation seamlessly (Incredibuild is the AWS Global Migration Partner for 2022)

Moving to the Cloud

Burst to the cloud more efficiently and allocate the right resources to your teams, anywhere, at any time

Already There

Fully orchestrate your cloud environment and provide the right power at the right price without sacrificing performance

Upgrade your cloud development


Is Incredibuild for cloud a SaaS solution? 

 Not at all. Incredibuild is not a SaaS platform, nor do we sell you cloud assets. Our platform installs a small agent on your devices (and using the Incredibuild API on cloud) to synchronize and manage your tasks on the cloud. No platforms, no subscriptions, no hassle.  

How is Incredibuild’s smart scaling different from my existing cloud vendor?  

Normal cloud scaling operates by setting trigger points at certain usage levels to add more resources, Incredibuild’s orchestration doesn’t require you to commit to any amount or type of server space. Instead, Incredibuild measures your requirements at the core level to give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Best of all, it’s all automated! 

Can you reduce my cloud spend?  

We sure can! Incredibuild spins machines up and down exactly when they’re needed and uses spot instances with fallback assurance – we can spawn new instances according to the exact workload your build requires. If any spot instances are lost mid-build, we can shift them to the closest instance type available based on your preference.  

What does Incredibuild’s cloud license add to my plan?  

Our cloud license unlocks the power to seamlessly burst to the cloud as needed and gives you full control over your cloud environment to improve your CI workflows, gain greater visibility, and take full advantage of our cloud orchestration capabilities.  

Do I need to install any heavy apps to work from home?  

Nope! Your team simply needs to install a lightweight agent on their local devices to gain full access to Incredibuild acceleration.