Turbocharge Linux development

Incredibuild turbocharges product development by harvesting idle CPUs across your network and the cloud, while transparently emulating your local environment on remote machines. Our Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology turns every host into a supercomputer with hundreds, even thousands, of cores.

It's your code, your processes, and your tools over your platforms – just insanely faster.

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Linux in many flavors

We support multiple flavors of Linux, including Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Debian, SUSE, CentOS, and CoreOS. Incredibuild is especially suited for work in heterogeneous OS environments since workloads initiated in one OS can be distributed to hosts running a different OS. And we work with physical hosts, VMs, cloud instances, and containers.

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Out-of-the-box flexibility

Incredibuild’s support for heterogeneous environments goes beyond operating systems. We also fully support the many tools you use in your dev process, including multiple compilers and build systems, right out of the box:


  • Build systems: Make, cMake, qMake, Ninja, Bazel, Scons, and more
  • Compilers: Gcc, G++, Clang, llvm, Intel C++ Compiler, Arm Compiler, and more
  • Seamless integration with Jenkins or any other CI /CD tool
  • Yocto too!


Didn’t find your tool on this list? No worries. Incredibuild’s genericness and extensibility allow you to accelerate almost any type of multi-process workload: Commercial, open source, or even homegrown – in just a few steps.

Turbocharge Android OS builds too

Incredibuild also accelerates Android OS development – helping companies to dramatically speed up development processes:


  • 3x faster build completion time
  • Increase number of iterations for better productivity and time to market
  • Intelligently manage builds across multiple teams and across several data centers

The magic under the hood


  • Extendable environment to accelerate all kinds of time-consuming, multi-process workloads: Compilations, unit tests, code analysis, packaging, simulations, and more
  • Colorful textual output that clearly shows errors and warnings
  • Easy reporting to compare latest builds and benchmark builds, review build executions and trends, and more

Our Linux customers don't compromise

  • “On our Linux Server, compile time goes from 1h 45m to 30m.”

  • "With Incredibuild, people are not staring at their screen while waiting."

  • "Incredibuild is a key component that provides us with fast a CI pipeline.”

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