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Pick the acceleration plan for your development needs

  • Free

    For those who want to accelerate development

    Up to 2 developers

    • Virtualized Distributed Processing
    • Acceleration packages
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Runs on Windows
    • Community Slack Channel support
    • Response time: best effort
  • Team

    For growing teams who want to accelerate development

    Up to 10 developers

    • Everything in Free, plus:
    • Burst to cloud
    • Runs on Windows and Linux
    • Response time: 48 hours
  • Enterprise

    For organizations that need fast CI and smarter build management

    As many developers as you need

    • Everything in Business, plus:
    • Multiple builds on single CI servers
    • Enterprise level features
    • Response time: 2-24 hours

Plans applicable for purchases made as of September 30, 2022 only
*Future roadmap item
**Build Cache isn't included in business and enterprise plans, and is a paid add-on

All plans include a free 14-day cloud trial

Trusted by

  • With Incredibuild we do not have to invest in expensive high performing build machines. The return-on-investment was very clear.

    Sergey Levitskiy, Sr. Manager, Infrastructure Engineering, Adobe

  • To stay competitive, DATEV had to make a radical adjustment – moving to a monthly shipping model instead of 2 times a year. Incredibuild was a great tool in helping to achieve this objective.

    Christian Häfner, Senior Software/DevOps Engineer, DATEV

  • We have about 17,000 tests that we run for every pull request that goes through our development pipeline….Distributing them with Incredibuild Cloud allows us to drop that time from 31 hours → 25 minutes.

    Chad Shaefer, Staff Software Development Systems Engineer, Minitab

  • We use Incredibuild for all our Unreal Engine projects, without Incredibuild, these projects will go from taking hours to taking days

    Alex Reid DevOps Manager, Team17

  • Incredibuild is working for 24 hours a day. During the day, developers use it. At night, automated machines use it. We cannot work without Incredibuild

    Takuya Yoshida, IT Service Planning Department, Bandai Namco

Compare Features





Dev acceleration
Max initiators





Virtualized Distributed Processing

16 Cores

40 Cores



Burst to cloudcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Packages - Acceleration, Gaming, Unreal, Productivity
check markcheck markcheck markcheck mark


Windows, Linux

Windows, Linux, MacOS* (free trial included)

Windows, Linux, MacOS*

Build cachecheck markcheck mark
CI acceleration
CI server supportcheck markcheck mark
Multiple builds
check mark
Multiple helpers
check mark
Cloud capabilities
Dynamic cloud scaling
check markcheck markcheck mark
Leverage spot instancescheck markcheck markcheck mark
Seamless pure cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-prem resource optimization
check markcheck markcheck mark
Expansion of CI core grid
check markcheck markcheck mark
Floating initiators
check markcheck mark
Floating helpers
check markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Build groups
check markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Build monitorcheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Grid monitorcheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Build trends analysis and reportscheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Build troubleshooting and optimizationcheck mark
API accesscheck mark
Builds data REST APIcheck mark
Security and compliance
Integration with User Management Systemscheck mark
Encrypted communicationcheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Self-signed certificatescheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
GDPR, ISO 27001check markcheck markcheck markcheck mark


On-prem and Cloud

On-prem and Cloud

On-prem and Cloud

Container supportcheck markcheck markcheck mark
High availabilitycheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Support and services
User support portalcheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Community supportcheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Online case submissioncheck markcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Case response

Community + Best effort – all levels

48 hours – all levels

High 8H, Medium 24H, Low 48H

High 2H, Medium 8H, Low 24H

Offline license activationcheck markcheck markcheck mark
DM supportcheck mark
Onboarding & training



CSM designated

Onboarding until

Monthly general
business review

Basic training

CSM designated

Onboarding until

Monthly general business
review + quarterly
performance review

Basic training & advanced
training sessions

Optimization support

Not available

Not available

Build Optimization
Session 2H per Quarter
included (any hour beyond is billable)

Build Optimization
Session 3H per Quarter
included (any hour beyond is billable)

Integrations we support

  • IDEs

  • CI/CD

  • Gaming Engines and Console SDKs

  • Build Systems

    • ninja-ide


Is the free plan really free?

Yes! When you sign up for the Free license, you’re getting a fully free version of Incredibuild – forever. No hidden fees or surprise charges.

I started with a free plan; how can I upgrade to teams/ Business/ enterprise?

You can contact us at [email protected]

I have technical questions about the product. Where can I find answers?

You can visit our Knowledge Center or get support from the community in our @Slack channel. If you have a Team, Business, or Enterprise license, you can open a support ticket here.

Free: @slackchannel 
Teams/business/enterprise: Open support ticket here.

Is the payment annual or monthly?

Your Incredibuild plan is billed annually.

Do you support cloud?

Yes! Incredibuild offers full support for cloud development on AWS, Azure, and GCP. You can try it for free for 14 days to see how you like it. You can find us on the Azure marketplace and AWS marketplace.

I don’t see support for the specific tool I’m using in your Integrations page. Can Incredibuild work for me?

You can still use it! Our DevTools solution lets you adapt the Incredibuild platform for a variety of time- and compute-intensive tasks you work on every day.

What is the difference between initiators and helper cores?

Both are new components included in your Incredibuild license. An initiator is any machine that starts a workload or build and requests acceleration. A helper is any and every core in your grid included in the helper pool. These may assist an initiator in completing a workload or build.

Are my licenses fixed to a specific device?

Development is a dynamic process, and it requires flexibility. Our licensing model supports a variety of deployment environments for this reason. Initiator licenses are fixed to a machine, but they also support dynamic allocation. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at [email protected].