Turbocharging Software Development with

Incredibuild & Azure

Incredibuild’s native integration with Azure allows you to add the power you need, on-demand, to accelerate builds, CI cycles, testing, graphics and any other slow development process you might have as part of your build. Not only does Incredibuild accelerate your build, it also saves you major cloud resources cost otherwise incurred for running your builds over the cloud.

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  • Build Acceleration

    8X faster builds.

  • CI acceleration

    Incredibuild integrates into all CI solutions, providing 80% shorter CI cycles.

  • Optimize costs

    Leverage Azure Spot Instances to reduce costs by up to 90% compared to reserved instances.

  • Seamless

    Natively integrated to the Microsoft tool chain.

Scale to the cloud with
Azure and Incredibuild

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Accelerate development on the cloud

  • Incredibuild enables each machine to perform as a virtual supercomputer with hundreds of cores, well beyond the core limitation of Azure’s most powerful single virtual machine, giving you unprecedented performance for the duration of your build process.

Work from anywhere

  • Work like you have no limitations such as on-premise hardware, VPN speed or network saturation.

Flexible - Scalable at peak times

  • Allocate resources on demand, for any period, just that. You can easily use more resources during peak times and then revert to using your local infrastructure. Alternatively, you can choose to have all your development done in the cloud and gain ultimate scalability at all times.

Key benefits of using
Incredibuild with Azure

  • Release faster

    No more waiting for builds and other compute-intensive tasks!

  • Reduce costs

    Optimize cloud costs without compromising performance; cut down on developer idle time currently spent on waiting for builds; utilize Azure spot instances with Incredibuild for maximum cost reduction.

  • Work seamlessly

    Your existing dev tools (CI tools, build systems and compilers) now have the compute power of a supercomputer using your existing code, processes, and tools, just extremely faster.

  • Scale up and down as needed. Automatically.

    Have the complete freedom to exploit resources just when the developers and CI need them. Scale up and then revert to your local infrastructure once you’re done.
    No strings attached

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  • Enjoy Spot discounts. Uninterrupted

    Get the most out of Azure Spot and Scale Set, without worrying about managing the interruptions typically associated with such services. Incredibuild will manage your Spot fleet, handle interruptions, and ensure continuous operation, at little to no productivity loss.

  • Virtualization

    No more manual provisioning, no more software upgrades or keeping different types of machines to handle different prerequisites. With Incredibuild, all VMs get provisioned and updated to meet each individual task’s requirements at zero human intervention.

  • Natively integrated with Microsoft’s dev solutions

    The tight years’-long collaboration Incredibuild has with Microsoft enables you to experience a holistic, well-integrated eco-system of products. From triggering Incredibuild right from visual studio, through accelerating Azure DevOps pipeline to hooking it into Github and Github actions, you can expect nothing short of an all-in-one experience.

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  • “Without Incredibuild, our development would grind to a halt.”

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