Dev Acceleration

Speed, productivity, quality, time to market – today’s dev ecosystem does not recognize the word ‘compromise’. Yesterday’s release can’t be tomorrow’s buggy headache – because tomorrow’s release is already in the pipeline.

Dev orgs are stretched thin
and challenged to:

  • Maximize limited expert human resources

  • Meet hysterical release deadlines

  • Find and fix bugs faster

  • Enable cost-effective cloud adoption

  • Transform to 'build per commit' and 'shift left’

What dev orgs need is a way to do what they do best – but to the Nth power.
Faster, better, more efficient without having to change their processes and tools or spend huge budgets on more hardware.

8 Ways to Enhance Developer Velocity

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  • Intercept dev process initiation
  • Reuse cached output from previous builds when input is unchanged
  • Break down dev process into micro processes
  • Assign optimal resources from the pool on prem or in the cloud
  • Distribute in parallel beyond the capacity of a specific machine

Why Incredibuild?

Reach deadlines at Formula 1 speeds

“Incredibuild absolutely impacts our ability to iterate and move forward… Without Incredibuild, our development would grind to a halt.”

Deliver working versions faster, with less stress

“Incredibuild put us on a new level of productivity…Especially during the stressful time right before the release of a new quarterly version, there is no panic anymore.”

Making ‘build per commit’ a reality

”Incredibuild enabled us to drastically reduce our release cycles from 12 minutes to 1 minute 20 seconds allowing us to run any number of builds per day“

Cloud adoption, for 30% less

“Incredibuild Cloud offers unmatched agility – accelerating testing from 11 hours down to 11 minutes. The ability to automatically scale up and down in the cloud…makes everything so easy. We can optimize our resources according to our exact needs, so nothing goes to waste”

Case Studies

Incredibuild is bundled as the accelerator of choice within Visual Studio

Same code Same processes Same tools Super fast

10X faster builds. 80% shorter cycles. 500% less frustration.

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