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Archosaur Games, Inc.

How Archosaur Games cut Unreal Engine build times by 76% across development environments.

About Archosaur Games, Inc. 

Archosaur Games Inc. is a Beijing-based mobile game development company founded in 2014 with a portfolio of successful MMORPG mobile games such as Battle of Six Dragons, Dream Immortal, and King of Kings 3D. With over 1100 employees, the company has gained prominent industry experience creating high-quality client, and mobile games and aims to become a leading gaming company in delivering exceptional entertainment experiences for players worldwide 

The Challenge

Archosaur Games Inc. faced significant challenges in developing multiple games projects for different operating systems such as Android and iOS, which often needed concurrent workloads and varying development approaches. These challenges included heavy build cycles, lag, and resource bottlenecks that impeded team collaboration and led to extended development cycles. Additionally, the complexity of running Unreal Engine code and shader compilations in their development environment further compounded the issues.  

The utilization of Incredibuild as part of our processes has yielded a significant 50% decrease in our UE5 processing time and a remarkable 76% reduction in our build times, maximizing our computing resources with great efficiency.

Zhang Yu

CTO, Archosaur Games, Inc.

How Incredibuild helped

To find a permanent solution to these issues, Archosaur Games Inc. explored tools in the market but found them lacking in maturity and comprehensiveness. Incredibuild emerged as the ideal solution, providing stability, full functionality, and exceptional concurrent acceleration performance. Implementing Incredibuild led to remarkable benefits for Archosaur Games for Archosaur Games Inc., including significant savings in research and development, faster compilation speed, quicker iteration, and more efficient QA feedback loops. Developer productivity also improved, enabling more frequent releases with enhanced features. Plus, the ongoing technical support and industry reputation of Incredibuild further solidified its position as the perfect choice for the development team at Archosaur Games Inc.

Bottom Line

Archosaur Games Inc. has been an Incredibuild client for over 8 years. They have maintained the partnership thanks to Incredibuild’s significant upgrades, continuous improvements, and powerful feature additions. Since Archosaur Games Inc. adopted Incredibuild, the company has used it to accelerate other time-consuming processes in its infrastructure. 


Bai Wei

General Manager, Program Center at Archosaur Games

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