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MEDENT rapidly speeds up development, raising quality and accelerating access to medical records plummeting build time by 20x

Medent Overview

MEDENT is a Cloud or Server based MU certified “All-In-One” EMR/EHR, Patient Portal & Practice Management system providing a high-level of automation and excelling in “Interoperability”. MEDENT is also available both as SaaS on the MEDENT cloud or as a traditional server, with on-premises deployment, with optional remote online backup. They have a team of 25 full time software developers who all work full time on the MEDENT platform. Medical offices use MEDENT in order to manage their patient records.

MEDENT is developed by Community Computer Service Inc., a privately held corporation that is a recognized leader in the health care practice management automation market since 1968.


With over a million lines of Visual C++ code, developers were struggling with slow builds.

As the MEDENT platform, developed with Visual Studio, grew in complexity, builds became longer. With developers running multiple incremental and full builds per day, they were challenged by code maintenance. Adding new features to the MEDENT platform became cumbersome.

As the product grew in complexity, build times took longer. The team started seeking ways to accelerate their build and began to explore solutions to reduce their build time, including distributed compiling, when they found Incredibuild.

Long build times hinder our team’s productivity and hamper our innovation. With Incredibuild, we reduced our build from 17 minutes to less than 1 minute. Our developers are happy and we are better able to help promote healthcare by improving the MEDENT platform.

Bill Barrington

Software Engineer


After downloading and trying Incredibuild, the team quickly realized that Incredibuild provided substantial benefit in accelerating their build times. Due to the ease of implementation, they were able to quickly implement Incredibuild and start seeing improvements.

The team uses Incredibuild on the latest versions of Windows and Visual Studio. As early adopters of the latest versions of Windows and Visual Studio, compatibility is essential. With Incredibuild, they are ensured continuous compatibility and seamless integration with their development environment.

The team runs incremental builds more often than full rebuilds and all of their developers rebuild multiple times a day.


After implementing Incredibuild, their build times plummeted.

The time saved with shorter build times provided the team with increased productivity and allowed them to invest in fixing bugs and new code development/testing.

Their build times with Incredibuild are over 20 times faster. Without Incredibuild, the rebuilds would take over 17 minutes per build. This is a 96% improvement.With Incredibuild, they take less than a minute — a 96% improvement. Running multiple builds daily, this is a major time saver.

Each agent runs Incredibuild on four cores.

Full Project Rebuild
17.6 minsWithout Incredibuild
0.7 minsWith Incredibuild