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ERP software leader Orderbase uses Incredibuild and its own small team to compile over 300k lines of C++ code 85% faster

About Orderbase

Orderbase develops robust ERP software solutions for major global organizations and especially for the manufacturing sector. The company offers both its own ERP system as well as several add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX.

The challenge

Orderbase is a rapidly growing company with enterprise level customers that expect nothing but the best. Keeping up with production, maintenance and ongoing development of new features can be challenging when your development resources are engaged in multiple demanding projects. It is critical for orderbase to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible as there are over 300k lines of C++ code being compiled on a developer’s workstation.

“Development with Visual Studio works well, so there was basically one challenge: the long compile times,” says Marvin Sielenkemper, software developer at Orderbase. “The code uses lots of templates and there are lots of rather small files,” he adds.

Before Incredibuild we would wait or do something else. Both are bad for the flow which thrives on fast iterations

Marvin Sielenkemper

Software Developer

How Incredibuild crunched it

With Incredibuild, Orderbase were able to take their extremely busy C++ developers and their workstations, add some server VMs and save them a team’s worth of hardware and time. “A single compilation went from 13 minutes down to 2 minutes”, says Sielenkemper, adding that they compile up to 30 times a day, and about 15 times on average (and they know that because of Incredibuild’s build history feature), so the 85% drop in build time turned out to be a real life saver.

According to Sielenkemper, “Depending on the workload, the developer’s efficiency has more than doubled.”

The Bottom line

Daily Compilation Time
3 hours
30 mins
Single Compilation Time
12 mins
3 mins