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Red Kite

Even while porting to the new Google Stadia (YETI), Red Kite was reducing build times by 73% (from 225 min to 60 min)!

About Red Kite

Red Kite Games is a video game development studio working with a multitude of leading development studios on a variety of best-selling and critically acclaimed video games. The development team consists of 6 developers running approximately 40 builds overnight and 100 builds during the day.

We spend less time waiting for builds and more time being productive.

Andrew Greensmith

Technical Director

The Challenge

Performing a full port of an existing code base to another platform (Google Stadia/YETI), as well as handling large compilations regularly, required Red Kite to find a way to speed up their development cycle. Additionally, taking on heavy build time projects, meant that developers lost their train of thought often (during compilation times), becoming sidetracked and needing a context to switch back to the issues they were working on. Keeping their developers focused was a top priority for Red Kite.

How Incredibuild Crunched It

Using Incredibuild to accelerate compilations while increasing the workload, Red Kite was able to speed up their development efforts, maintain productivity and optimize time to market, without having to acquire more build machines.

Faster compilation times also allowed Red Kite to optimize their work processes to be more accommodating to the development team schedule:

We build the more obscure configurations and tools overnight to ensure we know if something was accidentally broken in another area of the project.  Using Incredibuild we can comfortably get through all configurations in the early hours of the morning after any maintenance period and before people start arriving for work.

Andrew Greensmith

Technical Director

The Bottom Line

Since using Incredibuild, Red Kite’s build times were dramatically reduced and their development teams’ productivity and internal processes optimized to the maximum.

Without Incredibuild we would certainly need to be more selective on the build configurations we check regularly or invest in more build machines.

Andrew Greensmith

Technical Director

Build Time
225 minsWithout Incredibuild
60 minsWith Incredibuild