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Sarine Technologies Accelerates Performance with Incredibuild

About Sarine Technologies

Established in 1988, Sarine Technologies Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced planning, evaluation and measurement systems for diamond and gemstone production. Sarine products include diamond cut, color and light performance grading tools, the Galaxy™ family of inclusion mapping systems, rough diamond optimization systems, laser cutting and shaping systems and laser-marking and inscription machines. Sarine systems have become an essential gemology tool in every properly equipped gem lab, diamond appraisal business and manufacturing plant, and are today considered essential items by both diamond dealers and retailers.

The problem: completing complex digital analyses fast for optimal cutting 

Complex analysis is time-consuming; simple analysis takes as few as 10 minutes per stone, while sophisticated configurations may require up to 40-60 hours. The average diamond manufacturing lifecycle lasts between 20-25 days, from rough stone to polished finished product. The first stage includes planning the diamond cutting process and defining a specific goal for each stone, activities that contribute about 25% of the total cycle time.  

Sarine already uses its proprietary software, Advisor, to analyze rough diamonds and determine their optimal cutting parameters to extract the most profit. The optimizer runs through dozens of shape options and measures them against the diamond’s parameters to ensure the best combination and final result. While this is an excellent tool, Advisor takes from three to five days to complete intense analysis, making it impractical at scale. Additionally, as optimization becomes more sophisticated, the amount of data increases exponentially and further slows the optimization process.  

How Incredibuild helped 

Using Incredibuild, Sarine was able to significantly accelerate Advisor’s processing capability. Incredibuild integrated with Advisor on the cloud to accelerate performance and expedite the optimization process. Sarine tested Incredibuild extensively with various optimization scenarios and network sizes and was able to achieve results that were 6x to 30x faster. Sarine’s customers run full optimization processes in just 50 to 120 minutes, compared to the 40 to 60 hours it would take previously. Simple analyses have also been cut down from 1-2 hours to just 10-15 minutes.  

More importantly, Sarine now offers expanded product functionality. Customers can now extract higher profits thanks to the ability to use wider search criteria, still with a processing time that was faster by a factor of 4-5.  

As a result, Incredibuild has enabled Sarine to capture additional market share by targeting time-sensitive customers that were previously out of reach and simply unfeasible to work with. Moreover, the expanded functionality means that Sarine now has new windows of opportunity to build on its optimizer and continue adding further developments

Bottom line 

With Incredibuild on the cloud, Sarine was able to significantly alter the way it operates, opening new avenues of business, allowing it to scale significantly, and creating new possibilities for expansion and further development.  

The Bottom Line

Full Optimization Processes
40 hours
50 mins
Simple processes
2 hours
15 mins