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Studio 316

Speeding up bug resolution to deliver better games faster

About Studio 316

Studio 316 is the dream of a small team of game-loving developers, designers, and artists. The studio was founded during the team’s final year at the Games Academy at Falmouth University in 2020-2021, with the idea of creating a game dev company based on creative freedom, equal opportunity, and inclusion that could create games the devs actually wanted to make.  

Studio 316 dedicates its development and artistic services to client projects, assisting others in creating their own IP from studio to studio co-development to small individual startups looking to bring their visions to life.  

The problem: keeping clean code across iterations and commits

Studio 316 was facing trouble during peak crunch times, a major issue when working for external stakeholders. There was little room for hiccups or delays. For instance, a single bug – such as a regression error (a feature which used to work, but suddenly doesn’t) — requires QA to understand which specific commit introduced it. To do so, the team had to use a manual binary search, which requires running dozens of builds to find the specific commit. 

For a bug introduced in between versions, this might mean over 1,000 commits to review. While the result of the test is faster than manually investigating the individual bug – and 100% conclusive – it’s also incredibly time consuming and requires multiple rebuilds of a game.  

I can’t imagine debugging without Incredibuild. Instead of taking days, we can debug in a matter of minutes using Incredibuild

Jamie Jessop


How Incredibuild helped

Using Incredibuild didn’t change the way the company hunts for a regression bug – Studio 316 still needs to perform a binary search to find it between commits. What Incredibuild did do was make the process of creating a build drastically faster. According to Studio 316 Co-Director Jamie Jessop, “I can’t imagine debugging without Incredibuild. Instead of taking days, we can debug in a matter of minutes.” Studio 316 uses Incredibuild on its AWS environment to accelerate its builds on cloud to perform faster QA and deliver high-quality products without missing tight delivery windows. More importantly, the studio was able to set up Incredibuild directly from the AWS marketplace in a few hours, adding a tool to help the company scale quickly.  

The bottom line 

Even for small studios looking for fast and easy scaling solutions, Incredibuild provides a seamless integration and a value-added tool to accelerate development and reduce bottlenecks at critical junctions.