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Tequila Works

Empowering remote teams to build faster and scale work effectively as project scopes widen

About Tequila Works

Tequila Works is S.L is a Spanish video game developer located in Madrid and founded in 2009 by Raul Rubio and Luz Sancho. The company is best known for developing games like Deadlight, Rime, Song of Nunu, an IP based on League of Legends for Riot Games, and their own title, Gylt. The studio was acquired by Tencent in 2022.  

The challenge  

Tequila Works’ acquisition by Tencent meant an expansion of the studio’s scope and scale. Even so, the company wanted to keep its boutique mojo and productivity while adjusting to being a larger studio with bigger projects.  

Tequila Works’ team nearly doubled since 2021, and it has evolved from AA game production to fully AAA production. This comes with its own unique challenges, as well as a greater need to meet tighter deadlines and work faster without sacrificing quality. Critically, the team is spread across the globe, so Tequila Works needed to find a solution that provided the right compute power to teams on demand, regardless of where they were.  

Compiling without IB was around 5 hours per version, and we had many versions. Developing without Incredibuild is just not an option. 

Terence Mosca


How Incredibuild helped – Accelerating build times and empowering faster innovation 

One of the key issues for Tequila Works is optimizing the development to QA and Feedback cycle. The company’s compilation times for builds hovered around five hours per version of a game (which can include PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC), meaning that development might halt for hours while new fixes are incorporated, QA’d, and feedback is sent back.  

The company uses Incredibuild 10 to shorten the dev-to-feedback cycle significantly. With Incredibuild, builds are reduced from five hours to just 17 minutes. Now, the dev team can receive feedback much faster, and implement critical changes and quality-of-life improvements much more effectively before they become catastrophic bugs.  

The bottom line 

By incorporating Incredibuild into the dev process, Tequila Works was able to reduce build times per version from five hours to just 17 minutes, improving iteration frequency, reducing friction in feedback loops, and allowing the company to keep its mojo and productivity while massively scaling and expanding.  

Build times
5 hoursWithout Incredibuild
17 minWith Incredibuild