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Turn 10 significantly improve time to market with Incredibuild acceleration

Turn 10 Overview

Turn 10 Studios is a subdivision of Microsoft Studios, established in 2001 as a first-party racing game developer. Turn 10 Studios began working on the original Forza Motorsport® racing game to ll the void of simulation racing games on the Xbox® console. With an emphasis on driving mechanics, and the newest features of Xbox LIVE®, the original Forza Motorsport was released in May of 2005 to much critical acclaim and community support. Today, Turn 10 has recently released their fifth version of the popular Forza Motorsport racing game for Xbox One.


As a game developer, Turn 10 Studios has a major challenge in getting games to market as fast as possible. In the course of the game development lifecycle, there are several CPU-intensive processes, such as code builds, video and graphics rendering, platform conversion, physical engine management, and lighting engine management. Each of those processes by itself takes a signicant amount of time, leading to a slow delivery of a market-ready product. Turn 10 needed to and a way to substantially accelerate their development processing and game build-time.


Turn 10 approached Incredibuild to use its acceleration technologies geared towards accelerating game development platforms.

  • Incredibuild reviewed the challenges that Turn 10 faced with their excessive computation times and proposed Incredibuild for Xbox One developed specically for Microsoft Xbox One game development console.
  • Incredibuild accelerates not only code build, but also testing code analysis, QA scripts, rendering, physical and lighting engines, and even custom tools by a factor of 10 to 30 times.
  • Incredibuild is also fully integrated with Visual Studio®, making it the ideal solution for Windows®-based developers. As a result, Turn 10’s Forza 5 racing game development builds originally took roughly 60 minutes. With Incredibuild, build time was reduced from 60 minutes to 8 minutes—a 600% reduction.
  • Similarly, in the development cycle, the conversion of Autodesk 3DS Max rendering output took as long as 6 hours. With Incredibuild, rendering was condensed to 20 minutes.


  • Accelerate software build and reduce overhead by as much as 80%, significantly accelerating compute-intensive processes.
  • Integrated with Visual Studio, making it the ideal solution for Windows-based developers.
  • Deliver market-ready products more quickly.
  • Optimize development efforts and ensure increased quality.
  • Create a strategic impact and competitive advantage.

With Incredibuild, we were able to reduce build-time by 600%—from 60 minutes to 8 minutes, significantly improving our time to market

Dan Tunnell

Turn 10 Studios

The Bottom Line

Forza 5 racing game development builds
60 mins
8 mins
Autodesk 3DS Max rendering
6 hours
20 mins