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Cloud Optimization

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To streamline cloud-based development, Incredibuild makes spot a reality and lowers costs by up to 30%. We spin the right mix of instances up or down dynamically according to core availability and your real-time workload demands. Our “auto fallback” feature ensures that no attempts fail, even across different machine types and availability zones. And, our advanced automation lowers the burden on IT with auto policy and patch and auto zombie machine management.

35% Cost Reduction

  • Leverage cheaper and more available machines

  • Make spot a reality with autoscale and fallback

Automation “IT Heaven”

  • Policy & patch updates

  • Handling zombie machines

  • Ups & downs

10X faster builds. 80% shorter cycles.
500% less frustration.

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Why Incredibuild for Cloud?

  • Beyond cloud
    provider offerings

    Unlike built-in autoscaling solutions that trigger work based on machine parameters, Incredibuild
    automatically scales based on the unique core requirements of your workloads at any given time.

  • Seamless

    Incredibuild dynamically and optimally allocates and de-allocates the best and most cost-effective mix of spot or on-demand instances based on your preferences and resource availability.

  • Keep your spot

    With Incredibuild, handling and recovery is automatic, straight out of the box. Incredibuild automatically spins up a new instance and transfers the cache to ensure seamless continuity. No more “cold” machines – Incredibuild ensures you get the optimal machine type, every time.

  • Lower bill shock

    Incredibuild delivers up to 35% decrease in cloud cost while optimizing performance speeds. For example, instead of taking an expensive 64-core machine for 1 hour, Incredibuild enables you to leverage multiple readily-available cheaper machines, using 640 cores for 6 minutes, instead.

What our clients say

Invrsion eliminates reservation time, guarantees fallback

“During the COVID-19 lockdown, it has taken as much as 3 days to allocate a single g3.8xlarge EC2 instance. With Incredibuild instead of having to use 64 cores (G type), we can take 16 core from a cheaper instance type (C or M), which is cheaper and more available. If a machine is not available, the built-in fallback mechanism automatically finds us the best machine.“

Michele AntoliniCTO


Minitab accelerates builds, tests, optimizes costs on Azure

“Incredibuild Cloud offers unmatched agility. The ability to automatically scale up and down in the (Azure) cloud, while accelerating our development, makes everything so easy… we are optimizing our resources according to our exact needs, so nothing goes to waste”

Anthony BianucciGlobal Business Information Systems


Proletariat accelerates builds on UE, optimizes cost on AWS

“Employees’ home bandwidth could not adequately handle our usual data load traveling back and forth to our in-office resources. Massive amounts of data and VPN saturation were making it very hard to improve everybody’s workload all across the board. We needed a solution that would solve this challenge to ensure we met our launch deadline”

Avida MichaudEngineering Lead


Faster builds, better quality,
hands-off maintenance, and lower costs

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