DevOps technology leader Incredibuild announces Noam Peretz as CTO

The software company has named Peretz to head up tech and product.

Incredibuild, a global leader in DevOps and development acceleration technology, has named Noam Pertz as its new CTO. Peretz brings his wealth of technology management knowledge to lead technology and product at the company.

This is a crucial juncture for Incredibuild, which is looking to expand the range of technology solutions it already offers its customers. Peretz’s appointment as CTO is part of the company’s broader strategy for global expansion, which includes venturing into new markets and evolving its core software development acceleration platform for DevOps teams in sectors like finance, gaming, embedded, and more.

Industries across the board are driving increased demand for tools and platforms that boost efficiency in their DevOps processes and app builds. This is vital for keeping a competitive edge as go-to-market times and cloud adoption become ever more critical. Incredibuild’s model uses its trademarked Virtualized Distributed Processing technology to turn every host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores, speeding up development at every stage – from compilation to release automation.

Peretz is an exciting choice to help Incredibuild grow its footprint. With Peretz at the helm, Incredibuild will continue evolving its technologies into yet more advanced solutions for developers, DevOps, and tech managers across a diverse range of sectors. He brings with him over 25 years of experience in technology management at leading companies like Cisco, VMWARE, and Toga Networks, and has spent the last decade focusing on innovation in the cloud ecosystem.

This includes an emphasis on advanced tools for development and performance monitoring for cloud-based app developers. In his last position as CTO of Toga Networks, Peretz managed the Cloud Research Lab, which employs 70 experts who develop technologies for cloud security, PaaS, and cloud infrastructure. Before that, he earned degrees in computer science and law, and served as the manager of a group of architects at VMWARE, working in app infrastructure management.

“I’m delighted to join Incredibuild’s professional team and bring my diverse experience into the mix, as well as my expertise in bringing innovative tools to developers and my ability to think outside of the box,” said Noam Peretz, in his new role as CTO of Incredibuild. “Incredibuild is the developer of unique technology that delivers significant value to its customers, particularly at a time when savings and streamlining are top priorities,” he added. “The wealth of technology and accelerated development in the cloud lead to new opportunities and generate increased demand from customers for innovative solutions and advanced DevOps acceleration solutions.”

“The software industry is growing nonstop, as is the need for advanced and innovative technologies,” said Tami Mazel Shachar, CEO of Incredibuild. “With Peretz, we will be able to expand the experience and abilities Incredibuild offers its customers, thanks to the background and skills he brings with him. They will help drive Incredibuild forward.”

About Incredibuild

Incredibuild develops tools to accelerate software development on-prem and in the cloud. Its unique technology enables customers to harness unused computer resources across organizations. By doing so, Incredibuild helps devs significantly shorten the build time of software – in some cases from hours to minutes. This allows products to go to market faster and improves the efficiency of the development teams. Incredibuild’s approximately 2,000 customers worldwide span a variety of industries, and include EA, Epic, Intel, Samsung, Disney, Adobe, Citibank, Amazon, Nintendo, and Microsoft.