Incredibuild Granted US Patent for Game-Changing Build Cache Technology, Accelerating Software Development Builds

Tel Aviv, Israel – July 13, 2023 – Incredibuild, the leading platform for development acceleration, today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. patent 11687362 for its innovative Build Cache technology, under the technical title, Storage and Reuse of Computing-Task Outputs Using System-Call Interception.

The patent covers Incredibuild’s first-of-its-kind Build Cache technology, which empowers software developers and enables build servers to reuse intermediate and final cached artifacts that were already compiled elsewhere in the organization, rather than rebuilding them. Incredibuild’s complementary distributed processing technology distributes tasks that need to be re-executed across hundreds of idle CPUs in either the local network or public cloud. Incredibuild’s unique combination of caching and distribution along with additional performance features provides a comprehensive approach to revolutionary build time reduction.

“Our newly-patented Build Cache technology has shifted Incredibuild’s industry-leading software development acceleration platform into high gear,” said Dori Exterman, Chief Evangelist of Incredibuild. “Expanded Build Cache capacities empower DevOps teams and developers to build even faster and more efficiently, drastically optimizing productivity, iteration frequency and resources. This transformative platform is the key to speeding up development for gaming, automotive, finance and countless other industries, enabling even more dev teams around the world to iterate faster and save precious time.”

Incredibuild’s Build Cache technology requires no familiarity with a specific tool or workload and can thus support countless tools and use cases. This virtualization-based technology acts as a bridge between any process and operating system, tracking all process activities and determining whether cached artifacts can be reused instead of re-executing the task. This universal methodology aligns with Incredibuild’s holistic, scalable approach to sharable caching, build acceleration and visualization.

Incredibuild first introduced its Build Cache capabilities in 2022 with the launch of Incredibuild10, the company’s most advanced Dev Acceleration Platform. The first-of-its-kind product, which has shown strong adoption rates from Incredibuild customers, includes a variety of innovative features around build distribution, cloud auto-scaling, resource efficiency and more.

This announcement follows the company’s launch of its Incredibuild for Automotive solution, which utilizes Build Cache and distributed computing to accelerate the software tools used in the ever-growing Software-Defined Vehicle industry.

Developers with C++ workloads who can benefit from a fast and seamless local and shared cache accompanied by robust distributed processing capabilities can sign up for a free trial of Incredibuild here.

If you have other use cases that can benefit from Incredibuild’s shared cache technology, contact Incredibuild here.