Incredibuild Opens China Office to Accommodate Local Growth

CHENGDU, China, June 27, 2018

Following a surge in local demand, Incredibuild Software, the leading development acceleration solution provider, has announced it will open an office in Chengdu, China. The new office marks IncrediBuild’s second expansion into Asia, following the successful launch of its Japanese branch in 2016. Incredibuild’s platform empowers over 150,000 global users to release faster, by accelerating compilations, testing and any other development process. The company’s customers in China include the country’s largest telecom organizations and gaming companies.

As the Chinese software development market, and game development market in particular, continue to expand, so does the need for a shorter time to market. Incredibuild’s award-winning technology is specifically tailored for these challenges, by allowing teams to achieve faster development cycles and subsequently adopt Continuous Integration and Delivery practices.

With the Chengdu office, Incredibuild takes a major step in establishing a local infrastructure to specifically support its growing Chinese customer base and provide customized customer service, business development, sales and on-prem availability.

“It is another manifestation for strengthening the technology and business relations and a proof for the big potential of economic cooperation between Israel and southwest China which can also serve as the gate to the big Chinese Market.” said Amir Lati, the first Consul General of Israel in Chengdu.

Yair Albin, the Commercial Consul at the Consulate added: “We are pleased to see Incredibuild’s brand of Israeli innovation adopted into the advanced Chinese market. I am positive that in the near future we will see more headquarters here as we see more Israeli companies seeking opportunity and cooperation in this fast-developing region.”

“We’re excited to supply our Chinese customers’ demand for the competitive advantage that comes with shorter development cycles,” said Eyal Maor, Incredibuild’s CEO. “Our Chengdu office is just the kickoff in Incredibuild’s long-term commitment to accelerating the Chinese software industry.”