Incredibuild On-Premise

On-premise computing is a resource race. There is a never-ending need for compute resources for faster cycles. This translates into a never-ending hardware procurement cycle…which translates into never-ending costs. On the other hand, every organizational network has a massive amount of unused CPU cycles at any given moment. Some of these CPUs are in high-powered machines, and some are just in network-connected laptops. Either way, they’re all CPUs that you bought and you maintain – but they’re wasted, even when you need them most. 

This is where Incredibuild comes in. 

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Leveraging Hardware You Already Own

Incredibuild turbocharges compilation, tests, and tons of other compute-intensive workloads by seamlessly and concurrently distributing processes across idle CPUs in your local network (and in the cloud) while transparently emulating your local environment on remote machines. This radically shortens compute times for a huge scope of applications. 

Incredibuild lets you harness the full power of hardware you already own – before you look elsewhere for computing power. Incredibuild even lets you harness CPUs of machines with different OS flavors, or CPUs in legacy hardware no longer in mainstream use. 

Why Incredibuild On-Prem?

  • Turn every host into a supercomputer – more than you can even purchase, with the power of hundreds, even thousands of cores 
  • Share the power – any strong (64-core) machine connected to the Incredibuild pool can benefit all connected devices 
  • Lower IT CapEx and OpEx – less upgrades of dev machines and build servers as each machine already functions as a super computer 
  • Fewer software licenses – Incredibuild doesn’t require expense licenses on the machines it harnesses 
  • Extend ROI on deprecated hardware – continuously leveraging for additional computer power instead of throwing it away 

Need Resources? Cloud Bursting with Incredibuild

Need more resources? At crunch time or whenever additional compute power is required, Incredibuild Cloud automatically extends your on-prem computing power into the cloud. Incredibuild Cloud seamlessly, securely and dynamically distributes workload tasks to remote Azure or AWS virtual machines under your cloud account – which are provisioned and de-provisioned automatically according to workload needs.

Flexible and Robust

Incredibuild also supports physical hosts, VMs, containers and cloud instances, and works with private cloud solutions like OpenStackConnecting multiple geolocations via VPN – allows one site to use the idle machines of other sites, after hours. And timeconsuming nightly processes can easily use the CPUs of the entire company to run more iterations, configurations, tests, simulations, and more. 

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