IncrediBuild Customer Service Level Agreement

    1. This SLA is provided to you pursuant to your subscription to an Incredibuild Software License, under the Incredibuild License Agreement (the “License Agreement”), and is applicable for any purchase made by you as of September 30, 2022 only. The provision of services under this SLA, is subject to your continuous compliance with the obligations of the License Agreement (including, without limitation, any payment obligations), during your Subscription Term. Any capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them under the License Agreement.
    2. Support Services. During the Subscription Term, and subject to this SLA, Incredibuild will ensure that the Software continues to perform in accordance with its documentation; provide necessary updates for continuous and smooth operation; provide support services in accordance with the selected Support Plan (see below); and provide operation assistance and error cause verification.
    3. IncrediBuild will use commercial reasonable efforts to respond to your request for support as soon as reasonably possible. Nothing hereunder shall constitute an obligation for Incredibuild to dispatch personnel to your site or otherwise provide on-site services.
    4. Incredibuild may, from time to time, provide updates, supplements, replacements or upgrades (each, a “Revision”) to the Software, but is not under any obligation to do so. Such Revisions will be provided according to IncrediBuild’s then-current policies. All references herein to the Software shall include any applicable Revisions. Any such Revisions will be governed by this Customer Service Level Agreement, unless provided otherwise by Incredibuild.
    5. Incredibuild maintenance and support obligation shall not apply if the failure of the Software results from or is otherwise attributable to: (i) repair, maintenance or modification of the Software by persons other than Incredibuild personnel or its authorized contractors; (ii) accident, negligence, abuse or misuse of the Software; (iii) use of the Software other than in accordance with the Software’s documentation; (iv) your failure to implement a Revision provided by Incredibuild specifically to avoid such failure or otherwise; or (v) integration or operation of the Software with equipment or software not authorized in writing or provided by Incredibuild.
  2. Incredibuild Service
    1. The Service Plans below wish to support your organization needs using the Incredibuild Products, in order for you to experience easy and smooth implementation and operation. The Incredibuild Service Plans will assist you with onboarding your developers, accelerating your operation, increasing your team’s efficiency and benefiting maximum value from your Incredibuild subscription. All plans are accustomed to your specific needs and will provide you with community access, customer success, support and continuance Optimization.
    2. Optimization analysis. Improving your performances at the onboarding stage is one of our most important objectives. It does not end there. Incredibuild also acknowledges the changing landscape of development and understands the importance of keeping the performance and value of Incredibuild at maximum. Therefore, some of our Service Plans include periodic optimization analysis, setup revision and technical landscape mapping.
    3. Your Customer Success Manager. Your technical point of contact at Incredibuild during your Subscription Term is your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your CSM is a well educated, experienced professional in the Incredibuild solutions and development landscapes. Your CSM will be responsible for all onboarding activities, training, educating on any additional capabilities of the Product, facilitating internally in cases of technical support, Feature requests and Product periodic analysis and optimizations.
  3. Reporting Cases & Response Time
    1. Customer support requests should be sent by logging into Incredibuild support page available at:, or by an e-mail to [email protected].
    2. Support queries sent according to this SLA are logged within the IncrediBuild CRM system and are assigned an ID reference number. Support queries sent to other IncrediBuild email addresses will not be considered support requests and will not be answered.
    3. Following the support queries’ processing, each query will be prioritized according to the Priority Table below, and then responded to, either via the Incredibuild support tool, or by email or phone, during Sunday through Friday, 24 Hours a day.

      Support case priority

      Priority Deviation Description
      High The solution (entirely, or in most part) is either substantially inoperative or unusable.
      Medium Performance is somewhat compromised, but all essential elements are reasonably usable.
      Low A material deviation from the expected performance according to documentation, which affects use and operation.

      Free/Evaluation License Subscription License

      Free Team Business Enterprise
      On-boarding & Training
      • Self-onboarding
      •   Self-onboarding
      • CSM assigned ​
      • Onboarding until deployment​
      • Monthly general business review​
      • Basic Training
      • Designated CSM ​
      • Full onboarding until deployment​
      • Monthly business reviews with quarterly performance review sessions ​
      • Basic & advanced training (remote and onsite (tba by parties)* ​
      • Community access -Slack Channels Support​
      • Online case submission​
      • Case response SLA:  Best Effort all levels
      • Online case submission
      • Case response SLA:  48 hours -all levels
      • Full community access
      • Online case submission
      • Case response SLA: High= 8H, Medium 24H, Low = 48H 
      • Full community access
      • Online case submission
      • DM support
      • Case response SLA: High=  2H, Medium 8H, Low = 24H 
      • Full community access  
      Optimization Not available Not available Build Optimization Session 2H per Quarter (any hour beyond is chargeable) Build Optimization Session 3H per Quarter

      (any hour beyond is chargeable)



  4. Community channel
    You can join the Incredibuild community at this link. Be part of a hub where every member can learn from each other, innovate together, and share our success stories (and strategies).  Stay educated and get support: Learning is fun! Find the answers and support you need from the people who use Incredibuild every day – our amazing users, thought leaders, partners, and our own experts.  Stay up to date: It’s great to keep up with the news. Our official community is also where we announce official updates, share new features, offer beta programs, and let you know about brand new product launches.  

    Be an influencer: Tell us (and the world!) what you think. Let us know what you like, what we can improve, and what works like a dream. Tell everyone about your Incredibuild experience and your time working with the Product.