The Build Monitor

A game-changing build visualization tool

We wanted to see what happens inside our build, so we developed the Build Monitor, a whole new way to experience your development. The Incredibuild build monitor replaces your old text output with a sleek intuitive graphic UI. Forget about tediously digging into long textual outputs. Don’t look for errors, bottlenecks and dependencies, see them right in front of you.

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Turn back time and replay your build process

Rewind a recording of your build to see how it performed and how things transpired. Share your build execution, so that other team members can replay it too and further analyze its results.

Switch between 4 different display types

The Build Monitor enables you to view your build progress and output through four different display types. Switch between displays to get the full picture of your build in the most convenient way for you:

  • Progress display – Sit back and relax as your build files transform into colorful bars. Each color represents the status of the relevant file, so you can see which were built without a problem and which failed.
  • Output display – See the entire build’s output text, similar to what would have been generated by Microsoft Visual Studio C++ builds.
  • Projects display – Clearly distinguish between each project’s/configuration’s standard output from the executed tools, including warning and error messages.
  • Summary display – Get a high-level overview of all the information and statistics on the current build – all in one place.

Customize your own build graph

Choose the parameters you care about and turn them into a visual graph. Keep visual track of more than a dozen of relevant KPIs like:

  • CPU Usage
  • Ready-to-be-executed tasks
  • Memory usage
  • I/O

And much more, by deploying to the cloud.

Easily identify gaps, errors, and bottlenecks

No more looking for a needle in an output stack for you. Easily improve your build quality by quickly detecting tasks with long durations, errors, warnings, bottlenecks, dependencies, gaps, and more – at a glance of an eye.

Zoom in and out

Drill down to the tiniest detail in your build, like each task’s status, or see the output per project and compile status per project. Go back to your build history to examine old build executions.

  • A unified way to gather execution data – It doesn’t matter what type of execution you’re running on which platform. The build monitor provides a unified way to collect and compare data regardless of where it originates from.
  • Individual task details – Hover over a bar to see the task’s command line. Double-clicking the task will take you directly to the relevant textual output.
  • Searchability – Easily search for specific data such as project name, file names, and custom steps.
  • Parallel executions – Detect sequential executions and turn them into highly parallel ones.
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  • "Being able to directly, visually audit the build process to look for bottlenecks while reducing execution time is wonderful", Richard Trotter, Manager


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