Incredibuild Cloud

Reach Unlimited Development Acceleration Potential

IncrediBuild Cloud takes IncrediBuild’s proven distributed processing technology to the next level. IncrediBuild’s technology accelerates time-consuming tasks, such as builds, tests and more, by distributing them across the user’s local network or VM’s and running them simultaneously. IncrediBuild Cloud provides users with the ability to go beyond their local resources and utilize thousands of automatically provisioned cloud compute instances for the benefit of their software acceleration, transforming every machine into a powerful virtual multi-core “super-computer” that executes tasks 30X faster.

Top benefits of using IncrediBuild Cloud:

  • Access to thousands of cores and machines in the public cloud
  • Seamless scalability on peak times with no maintenance hassle
  • On-demand – in real-time, when you need it most
  • Cost-efficient – purchase fewer cloud resources
  • No migration required



IncrediBuild Cloud distributes tasks across cloud-based Virtual Machines (VMs), without requiring the user to launch and maintain any cloud resource. Additionally, Cloud VMs are automatically launched and terminated according to the user’s on-going needs.

Upon activating IncrediBuild Cloud, IncrediBuild creates a set of VMs on the cloud. These VMs are then moved into ‘deallocate’ mode and are placed in IncrediBuild pool on the cloud. When there is a need to utilize these cores, the VMs in the pool are activated according to the number of requested cores (the user is able to pre-define the number of VMs that will be included in the pool). If the need arises for additional cores, IncrediBuild Cloud will launch additional VMs and will terminate them upon the completion of the task execution.

Choose the perfect IncrediBuild Cloud offering for your development process:


Combine your local resources with cloud acceleration.

At peak times, IncrediBuild will dynamically harness the power of up to thousands of automatically provisioned cloud compute instances, and de-provision these resources once the workload’s execution is done, reverting to your local infrastructure.


You can choose to perform all of your development in the cloud and gain ultimate scalability at all times.


Utilize IncrediBuild cloud resources without having a cloud account.



Watch the IncrediBuild Cloud webinar and learn about how it works, explore it’s benefits and hear what our customers are saying.

  • "IncrediBuild Cloud offers unmatched agility, as we expect from a cloud offering. The ability to automatically scale up and down in the cloud, while accelerating our development, makes everything so easy, which is basically what technology is all about. It is also very reassuring to know we are optimizing our resources according to our exact needs, so nothing goes to waste."

    Chad Shaffer, Senior Software Development Systems Engineer,

  • IncrediBuild absolutely impacts our ability to iterate and move forward. We couldn’t do anything without it.” 

    Joe Vogt, IT Manager,
    The Coalition (Gears of War)

  • IncrediBuild adds yet another layer of scalability to Visual Studio, enabling developers to scale their applications to the cloud.” 

    Mitra Azizirad, GM, Cloud Application Development,

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