Incredibuild Cloud

Reach Unlimited Development Acceleration Potential

IncrediBuild Cloud takes IncrediBuild’s technology to the next level. By combining IncrediBuild existing distributed processing technology with the cloud, you can now instantly scale up your development acceleration to thousands of cores and machines in the public cloud, while enabling seamless scalability and cost-efficiency.

Top benefits of using IncrediBuild Cloud:

  • On demand – In real time, when you most need it
  • Unlimited development acceleration potential
  • Cost-efficient – purchase fewer cloud resources
  • No migration required


For Azure Users


Find the perfect IncrediBuild Cloud offering for your development process:


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Utilize IncrediBuild cloud resources without having a cloud account.

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At peak times, IncrediBuild will dynamically harness the power of up to thousands of automatically provisioned cloud compute instances, and de-provision these resources once the workload’s execution is done, reverting to using your local infrastructure.

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You can choose to have all your development done in the cloud and gain ultimate scalability at all times.

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"Now we're able to scale up cloud instance CPU cores on the Incredibuild network when our load gets high, and this helps us keep our cloud costs in check, while still providing fast builds."

Dave Schwanky, ARGO AI

  • IncrediBuild absolutely impacts our ability to iterate and move forward. We couldn’t do anything without it.” 

    Joe Vogt, IT Manager,
    The Coalition (Gears of War)

  • IncrediBuild adds yet another layer of scalability to Visual Studio, enabling developers to scale their applications to the cloud.” 

    Mitra Azizirad, GM, Cloud Application Development,

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