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How CyberConnect2 cut down engine build times and enhanced their ability to innovate

About CyberConnect2  

CyberConnect2 is a Japan-based game development studio known for its work on the “.hack” series, the “NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM” series, “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot,” and “Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles.” 

In addition to contracted game development, in 2021, the company’s first self-published title, “Fuga: Melodies of Steel,” has been released worldwide and on multiple platforms. A sequel, “Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2,” was released in May 2023. 

The Challenge 

Due to the nature of the company’s work and development, CyberConnect2 uses a variety of platforms to build their games and media. This means that CyberConnect2 developers need to build 11 separate installer packages every day, with an average time of two hours to build an engine that wasn’t previously built. Added up, this translates into roughly one to two days per set of packages whenever a new build is required. Taking into account the company’s high output volume and deadlines, the long build times make it hard to scale or iterate faster. 

Incredibuild 10 was a great upgrade, being able to separate helper licenses so I can put in one Threadripper PC with a super high core count and consolidate the helper licenses on that one PC.

Masao Kashino

Development Support Manager

How Incredibuild helped – adding flexible core allocation and more power on the cloud  

To help its developers cut down their build times and provide greater computing power at peak times, CyberConnect2 upgraded to Incredibuild 10. The first thing the dev team was able to do was create a more flexible allocation model to leverage its existing computing power. Development Support Manager, Masao Kashino, noted that his team is now able to separate helper licenses so they only need one Threadripper PC with a high core count and allocate those with helper licenses to teams that need them. 

Additionally, Incredibuild for Cloud has been a major help in providing the right computing power to teams during peak usage times. When they unexpectedly need a larger number of cores, using Incredibuild Cloud, they can easily spin up instances in their AWS environment. The company’s global teams can now take advantage of computing power when needed, regardless of where they’re based.  

When we need a larger number of cores unexpectedly, using Incredibuild Cloud we can easily spin up instances on AWS. It also empowers us to be able to support our team in Montreal remotely from Japan.

Masao Kashino

Development Support Manager

The bottom line 

With Incredibuild 10 and Incredibuild for Cloud on AWS, CyberConnect2 has significantly optimized its development environment. Thanks to more computing power, the company has been able to cut down its build times from a day or two to one or two hours. Additionally, Incredibuild’s orchestration of AWS Spot instances, dynamic machine sizing and automated spin up and down upon build completion, helped CyberConnect2 reduce cloud costs and increase throughput. 


*CyberConnect2 has announced the closure of its Montreal Studio in July 2023

Build times
1-2 daysWithout Incredibuild
1-2 hoursWith Incredibuild