Pricing and Terms

The online Purchase Wizard may be used to order or add additional Agents or Acceleration Solutions to an existing license.
Step 1

Choose Your Agent Packages ( Please enter the number of agents of each type that you would like to purchase )

Each machine requires its own Agent.
Prices are per-machine and according to the number of logical cores.


Agent + Up to 4 Cores


Agent + Up to 8 Cores


Agent + Up to 16 Cores


Agent + Up to 32 Cores


Agent + Up to 48 Cores


Agent + Up to 64 Cores

Please note:

  • The ‘Coordinator’ (IncrediBuild server component) is included free of charge.
  • IncrediBuild agents are not solution-specific, and can be used with any/all IncrediBuild solutions.
  • IncrediBuild can use an unlimited number of cores. For pricing information above 64 cores, please contact us
  • Important note for current IncrediBuild users: If your organization has purchased IncrediBuild in the past, you may be entitled to volume discounts based on the accumulated number of agents purchased. To find out if you are entitled to an additional discount and receive an invitation code, please contact us prior to submitting your order.
  • To extend your Maintenance Service for 12 more months please contact us at
Need help? Not sure what’s right for you? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.
Step 2

Choose Your Acceleration Solutions

IncrediBuild accelerated various types of compilers, development environments, tools and applications including Visual Studio, Make & Build tools. Please select the appropriate solutions relevant for your environment.

IB307IncrediBuild for Xbox One (annual)
IB301IncrediBuild for Visual Studio C/C++ (annual)
IB302IncrediBuild for Make & Build Tools (annual)
IB303IncrediBuild for Dev Tools (annual)
IB304IncrediBuild for Wii U (annual)
IB305IncrediBuild for 3DS (annual)
IB306IncrediBuild for Sony Playstation4 and Vita (annual)
IB310IncrediBuild for C# (annual)

* The Nintendo 3DS/Wii U solutions are only available to authorized developers. If this is the first time that you purchased the Nintendo 3DS/Wii U solutions for your license, please submit the order only after you complete the confirmation process specified at, and receive confirmation that the process is complete. 

For more information on the 3DS/Wii U solutions please see

Step 3

Maintenance & Technical Support

An active maintenance service grants access to technical support and minor version updates. The first-time purchase of an IncrediBuild license (new group) grants 12 months of maintenance for no additional charge.

Do you want to extend your maintenance service for an existing license?
To continue enjoying unlimited technical support and
minor version updates, please contact us at
Special Discounts
Volume discounts are determined according to the number of Agents in the license. The following rates are available:
  • No. Agent Seats
  • 5+
  • 15+
  • 30+
  • 200+

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