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Incredibuild for Unreal Engine

Turbocharge game development

10x faster code and shader compilations

3x more daily iterations



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Join indie studios and AAA game empires that rely on Incredibuild to deliver better games to market radically faster.

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Working on all your platforms

Out-of-the-box ready to turbocharge PC, mobile, VR and console games.

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Extremely fast!

Unreal Engine and Incredibuild benchmark

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How does it work?

Incredibuild has a seamless integration with Unreal Engine Editor and Visual Studio to turbocharge Unreal Engine code builds (whether directly from Visual Studio or as part of the CI/CD builds) and shader compilations (Unreal Engine Editor).

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Once you have Incredibuild installed and set up on your host, Unreal Engine will automatically use Incredibuild’s Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology to transform every host into a supercomputer. We put hundreds (and even thousands) of cores to work for you, harvesting idle CPUs across your network and the cloud. This distribution makes things super-fast, and our virtualization ensures that it’s seamless too (using your code, your processes, and your tools – without modification).

  • "We're seeing compilations moving 3 times faster and test execution down from 11 hours to 11 minutes!"

  • "Working on large and complex projects without Incredibuild is not an option."

    Milestone Studio

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    Milestone Studio
  • "Long build times hinder our productivity and innovation. With Incredibuild, we reduced our build from 17 min to less than 1 min."


Beyond Unreal Engine code and shader compilations

You can use Incredibuild deployment to accelerate many different aspects of your game development:

  • Asset creation

    When graphics and model details are a critical part of the game development cycle, Incredibuild can cut game cook-time in half.

  • Data manipulation

    Incredibuild slashes data and format conversions, compression, encoding, and packaging times from hours to minutes. Just ask Microsoft Turn 10.

  • Texture processing

    Incredibuild can cut image processing and compression time for detailed and photo-realistic terrain textures by more than 90%. Just ask Bohemia Interactive.

  • Lightmap baking

    Incredibuild slashes lightmap baking from 1 hour to 10 minutes – including lighting middleware precompute tasks, and full c++ source code builds. Just ask Undead Labs.

  • Cross platform development and porting

    Single cross-platform builds reduce build times and eliminate the complexity of platform-dedicated solutions. Incredibuild dramatically accelerates cross-platform code builds 8 times faster. Just ask Obsidian.

Incredibuild turbocharges development...


Iterations and continuous integration builds


Unit test, build systems, and CI/CD frameworks

Release automation

Move from daily builds to intra-day builds

10x faster builds. 80% shorter cycles. 500% less frustration.