Incredibuild Appoints Tami Mazel Shachar As New Chief Executive Officer

A major change in command has been made at Incredibuild, a rising star in the software development acceleration space

TEL AVIV, January 13, 2020

Incredibuild, a company pioneering build and software development acceleration around the world, has announced the appointment of Tami Mazel Shachar as its new Chief Executive Officer. The former NSO Co-President will be replacing longtime CEO Eyal Maor, who has been at the helm since October 2011.

With over 20 years of senior executive management experience in fast-paced and high-growth environments, Mazel Shachar is a firm believer in promoting innovation and excellence. Prior to joining Incredibuild, Mazel Shachar served as Co-President at NSO, where she managed all commercial activities including Global Sales, Marketing, PR, and Customer Success. This was a period of immense growth and scale for the company.

She has formerly served as President of 3M Electronic Monitoring (a high-profile 3M acquisition in the law enforcement space), VP global sales and operations at Elmo-Tech, and at ShellCase, where she orchestrated business and growth strategy. Mazel Shachar was instrumental in leading the company’s massive expansion through the various channels in multiple markets. She is a Hebrew University graduate, holds an MBA from Ono Academic College, and is an IDC-certified Director.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Incredibuild family. This company has a unique work culture with a group of highly experienced professionals,” said Mazel Shachar. “I am also a firm believer in IncrediBuild’s distributed processing technology and its innovative solutions. The company’s diversified product portfolio is helping companies speed up their development cycle and optimize the quality of their offerings. I am confident that we can maintain continued global growth.”

Incredibuild is revolutionizing the development space with its innovative software development acceleration technology. Its advanced solutions are helping organizations drive innovation, reduce their time to market, and boost customer satisfaction. Incredibuild is already being used by leading companies like Amazon, Nintendo, Adobe, and Epic Games. They release products faster, while adopting the latest development best-practices and innovations.

Incredibuild is one of the most promising prospects that Fortissimo Capital, a leading private equity fund, currently holds in its portfolio. Fortissimo Capital’s investments largely consist of tech and industrial companies, with an impressive string of success stories and exits such as SodaStream and Kornit Digital.

About Incredibuild Software

Incredibuild, the market leader in software development acceleration, reduces build, testing, code analysis, graphics and other development task times for faster time to market and better product quality. With its innovative distributed processing acceleration technology, Incredibuild is the only commercial tool bundled into Visual Studio. Incredibuild currently supports more than 250,000 users from over 2,500 organizations, including twenty Fortune 100 companies.

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