Changing the cloud computing capacity/cost equation

You need cloud computing capacity when you need it. But maintaining it when you don’t carries a hefty price tag. You may not need a 64-core machine for every build. But when it’s crunch time or when performance is of the essence – that capacity is a must-have. Incredibuild turbocharges cloud-based compilation, tests, and tons of other compute-intensive workloads by seamlessly and concurrently allocating and de-allocating cloud resources (on-demand and according to your needs), while transparently emulating your local environment on remote machines. By doing this, we transform the build node into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores and gigs of memory – radically shortening compute times, optimizing performance, ensuring service availability, and actually lowering cloud costs.

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Incredibuild gives you the capacity you need, when you need it

Even if you need more than the maximum compute-power . We use the most cost-effective machines for the task at hand, because is there really a need for a 64 core machine if you can use eight readily-available and more cost-effective 8-core ?

Spot instances too

Incredibuild manages both AWS Spot Instances and Azure Spot Instances. The nature of these instances is that they can be reallocated by the cloud provider with no notice. This could cause a massive problem if you’re in the middle of a build. Incredibuild compensates for sudden capacity drops on the fly – allowing you to enjoy all the cost and availability benefits of spot instances without endangering your processing results or speed.

Scale to the cloud with AWS

Scale to the cloud with Azure

Incredibuild Autoscaling Data Sheet

USE CASE: Cloud dev workloads

Incredibuild seamlessly and dynamically allocates additional cloud resources for optimized performance. For example, a full Chromium build, executed by Azure DevOps or Jenkins on a cloud build node with six cores, will take 5 hours and 43 minutes to complete. For this build, Incredibuild will dynamically provision an additional 250 cloud cores when needed, transforming the build node to a supercomputer with 256 cores  – completing the build in just 17 minutes! This 20x performance boost may not even cost more, since paying for a 6-core node for almost six hours prices comparably to paying for 256 cores for just a few minutes.

CASE STUDY: See how Minitab gains super-fast continuous delivery iterations by dynamically scaling their build nodes to additional cloud resources on-demand and accelerating Azure DevOps tests from 11 hours to 11 minutes.

USE CASE: Turbocharge SaaS/cloud services

Just as Incredibuild accelerates compilations, testing, asset creation, and other tasks that are part of every dev process, it also serves as the backbone of SaaS services that require additional compute resources for optimized performance. Incredibuild essentially transforms your cloud host on-demand into a supercomputer, dynamically and seamlessly scaling to thousands of cores for faster performance and better service availability.

CASE STUDY: See how INVRision turbocharged their SaaS offering with Incredibuild for faster performance and higher service availability, while reducing cloud costs for their customers.

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