Supercharge app build time using the new IncrediBuild for Linux and Android

appindex, August 27, 2015

By Andy Boxall

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Software acceleration technology company Xoreax has released IncrediBuild for Linux and Android, a new system for developers to speed up their build process, without making drastic changes to their workflow. Development processes can be run in a distributed way in what the company describes as a “docker-like” container.

Cleverly, this way IncrediBuild accesses remote machines across the network and in the cloud, giving extra performance to help increase productivity and decrease build time. The system works on many of the most popular Linux distributions, including Red Hat and Ubuntu, without the need to alter any code.

IncrediBuild speeds up app build time, and is compatible with most major Linux distributions, and Google Android

According to the company, this can result in a 30 times faster development process, and because there’s no need to set the software up on remote machines, the initial installation is fast too. Once it’s running, the platform allows developers to see the build process for quality control purposes.

Developers interested in trying IncrediBuild out can find out more details here.