Introducing Incredibuild’s Q1 update

Joseph Sibony
Joseph Sibony reading time: 2 minutes
January 18, 2024

Every development team and organization look to the time when they must scale up with a combination of anticipation and trepidation. Scaling means bigger things – more users, more customers, bigger revenues – but it also means that issues and challenges are also getting larger. Teams at this level need support from the tools they use.  

Especially at the enterprise level, teams need a greater degree of control and observability in their tools, as well as the ability to troubleshoot builds whenever they occur to avoid lengthy – and costly – delays. Mosty importantly, DevOps teams need the ability to integrate new platforms and data directly into their existing dashboards and systems, without the need to make significant changes to their workloads. 

To start 2024, we’re excited to announce an ambitious update to the Incredibuild platform – our Q1 Update. Our newest version brings in an array of new features for both Windows and Linux, as well as a suite of tools for Enterprise-level users who need more control and observability in their builds and development cycles.  

What’s new in the Q1 Update? 

Our newest update is aimed at giving your DevOps and dev teams increased observability, whether that’s at the build, dashboard, or workflow level. A wide array of new features include:  

  • Observability dashboards for Enterprise-level insights: builds produce key data that can help teams shorten dev cycles, increase iteration, find bugs faster, and more. Our new dashboards provide instant visibility into build trends and other insights. Instead of poring through logs manually, teams can quickly understand their builds with our GUI-based dashboard and builds report.  
  • Enhanced Build Control APIs: No more building connections and finding ways to link disparate and separate tools. Our new APIs let you integrate and automate Incredibuild directly into your existing data and observability systems. You can skip the separate reports and still gain the full power of Incredibuild without changing your systems, code, or development processes. We’ve also added a new integration with Prometheus. If you’re using REST API, you can already perform build-level analysis, and combined with Prometheus, you can add grid/build group-level metrics.  
  • Active Directory support: Enterprise-scale teams have processes that are hard to alter and that have been fine-tuned over the years, so large changes are not often welcome. Incredibuild’s Microsoft Active Directory support means that our platform works exactly the way your teams do. You can easily set up and automate your enterprise’s policies, users, and objects without impacting your teams’ ability to work.  

Additionally, we’ve updated several other aspects of our platform to give you even better performance no matter which operating system, method, or tools you’re using.  

What else is new 

  • Windows v10.7 – Our newest version of Incredibuild for Windows adds Active Directory support, new visibility tools, and updates to our Build Cache, including hit/miss enhancement and auto-generated build files, so you can always track builds, even if you’re not manually reviewing each. We’ve also added the new dashboard and a centralized Workloads page.   
  • Linux v4.1 – This new version adds Active Directory support and new visibility features.  

Accelerate your enterprise development now  

2024 could be the year when you fully unlock your teams’ speed and ability to control their builds better. Learn more about our new Q1 Update and upgrade your Incredibuild today to start leveraging our brand-new observability and control features! 

Joseph Sibony
Joseph Sibony reading time: 2 minutes minutes January 18, 2024
January 18, 2024

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